How to Save Money With Paintball

Paintball can be a very expensive sport. The cost of equipment, paintballs and field fees seems to constantly growing, effectively pushing many people out of the sport. These high prices, though, don’t have to signal the end of your paintball career as a little planning and foresight can decrease the cost of the game.
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Find a New Field

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One of the highest recurring costs of paintball is the field fees that you pay every time you go out and play. While you may have a favorite field or you always go to the closest one, there may be a better option. Look at other fields in your region and pay close attention to price as if you save a few bucks each time you play, the savings will add up.

Also, pay close attention to your total cost of playing: how much do you spend total when you go to each field. For example, one field may be cheaper to get in and have cheaper paint, but if all you play is speedball and you shoot a case of paint each day, it may be cheaper to go to the woodsball field where you only shoot half a case. If you pay close attention to your total costs you can identify where your money is going and hopefully lower your overall costs.

Another thing to look for is to see if your field has a membership option. Some fields will charge you a set fee and then you can come in as often as you want for the duration of the membership (often a year). Sure, dropping $300 to $400 (or more) at once seems like a lot, but if you go to the field a couple times a month, it may save you money over time. Additionally, some of these memberships give you discounts on paintballs and at the pro shop which can also save you money.

One final thing to keep in mind is that the price of a field isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. Some fields are simply more fun for certain players than others. When you choose where you are going to play, pay close attention to the enjoyment you get from going and go where you get the best value for your dollar. Sometimes it is worth it to go somewhere that costs more if you really have more fun when you go play. After all, paintball is to be enjoyed, so make sure you enjoy it.

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Outlaw Paintball

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If you want to completely eliminate the cost of paintball field fees, there is the option to go out and play on your own in a variety of the sport known as “outlaw paintball”. Playing paintball at informal fields (such as in someone’s backyard or on some public property) has been popular since the invention of the game and it is still a very popular choice among some players. While the fields are usually less developed, there aren’t referees, there isn’t a convenient place to fill your air tanks, you have to bring all the paintballs you will use and you may have to hike your gear in from a considerable distance.

Despite all the disadvantages of outlaw paintball, there are some great advantages, too: you can play any game you like, there is much more flexibility, you can build the field as you want it to be, you can limit the people you play with to those you really want to play with, and, most importantly for many, it doesn’t require a field fee to play.

One thing to keep in mind when playing outlaw paintball, though, is safety. If you are going to play without professional direction, be sure to strictly enforce safety rules including chronoing guns, using barrel socks and, most importantly, keeping masks on during play.