How to Say Nice to Meet You in Russian

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The easiest way to say nice to meet you in Russian is очень приятно (OHchen priYATna), which translates as "it's very pleasant," but there are several other expressions that can be used when meeting someone for the first time. Below we look at the ten most common phrases that mean nice to meet in Russian.

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Очень приятно

Pronunciation: OHchen' priYATna

Translation: (It is) very pleasant/nice

Meaning: Nice to meet you

As the most common Russian way to say nice to meet you, this expression is suitable for any social setting, from the very formal to the most casual.


- Вадим Вадимович. (vaDEEM vaDEEmavich)
- Vadim Vadimovich.
- Татьяна Николаевна. (taTYAna nilaLAyevna)
- Tatiana Nikolayevna.
- Очень приятно. (OHchen' priYATna)
- A pleasure to meet you.
- Взаимно. (vzaEEMna)
- Nice to meet you too.

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Приятно познакомиться

Pronunciation: priYATna paznaKOmitsa

Translation: It's pleasant to make your acquaintance

Meaning: Nice to meet you, a pleasure to meet you

This is another versatile expression that is appropriate for any situation where you meet someone.


- Я Аня. (ya Anya)
- I'm Anya.
- Дима. Приятно познакомиться. (Dima. PriYATna paznaKOmitsa)
- Dima. Nice to meet you.

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Очень рад/рада

Pronunciation: OHchen' rad/RAda

Translation: (I am) very happy

Meaning: Happy to meet you, pleased to meet you

Use this phrase in formal and semi-formal situations such as meeting new colleagues.


- Александра. (AlekSANdra)
- Alexandra.
- Иван.Очень рад. (iVAN. OHchen' RAD)
- Ivan. Pleased to meet you.

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Рад/рада познакомиться

Pronunciation: rad/RAda paznaKOmitsa

Translation: Pleased to make your acquaintance

Meaning: Nice to meet you

A more formal version of очень приятно, this expression is used in business and other formal environments.


- Рад познакомиться. Вы давно работаете в этой компании? (rad paznaKOmit'sa. vy davNOH raBOtayete v EHtai kamPAneeye)
- Nice to meet you. Have you worked for this company for a long time?

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Будем знакомы

Pronunciation: BOOdem znaKOmy

Translation: We shall be acquainted

Meaning: Let's introduce ourselves, nice to meet you

Будем знакомы is a fairly formal expression but can be used in most situations.


- Я Олег. Будем знакомы. (Ya aLYEG. BOOdem znaKOmy)
- I'm Oleg. Good to meet you.

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Рад/рада нашей встрече

Pronunciation: rad/RAda NAshei VSTREche

Translation: I'm happy about our meeting each other

Meaning: Pleased to meet you

This is a versatile expression that can be heard both in formal and casual settings as it carries a neutral meaning. Очень (OHchen') - very - can be added to the phrase if you want to emphasize how happy you are to meet someone, in which case the meaning will be "It's an honor to meet you."


- Я очень рад нашей встрече, Сергей Алексеевич. (ya OHchen' RAD NAshei VSTREche, serGHEI alekSYEyevitch)
- It is an honor to meet you, Sergei Alekseyevich.

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Рад/рада вас/тебя видеть

Pronunciation: rad/RAda VAS/tyBYA VEEdet'

Translation: Happy to see you

Meaning: I'm happy to see you, nice to see you

Used when meeting someone you already know, it is a popular expression used in any register, from very formal to casual.


- Ой, как я рада тебя видеть! (Oy, kak ya RAda tyBYA VEEdet')
- Oh I'm so happy to see you!

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Я рад/рада знакомству

Pronunciation: ya RAD/RAda znaKOMSTvoo

Translation: I'm happy to have met you

Meaning: Pleased to meet you

This popular phrase is used in situations that require a touch of formality.


- Рад знакомству. (rad znaKOMstvoo)
- Pleased to meet you.
- Я тоже очень рада. (ya TOzhe OHchen' RAda)
- Pleased to meet you too.

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Разрешите представиться

Pronunciation: razrySHEEtye predSTAvitsa

Translation: Allow me to introduce myself

Meaning: Allow me to introduce myself, let me introduce myself

A formal way to introduce yourself, this expression is polite and suitable for most social settings.


- Разрешите представиться: Иван Иванович, директор компании. (razrySHEEtye predSTAvitsa: iVAN iVAnavich, diREKtar kamPAneeye)
- Allow me to introduce myself: Ivan Ivanovich, company director.

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Позвольте представиться

Pronunciation: pazVOL'te predSTAvitsa

Translation: Allow me to introduce myself

Meaning: Allow me to introduce myself, let me introduce myself

More formal than the previous expression, Позвольте представиться can sound a little old-fashioned but can still often be heard in modern Russian.


- Позвольте представиться. Михаил. (pazVOL'tye predSTAvitsa. mihaEEL)
- Allow me to introduce myself. Mikhail.

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