How to Say the Months and Days in Japanese

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There is no capitalization in Japanese. Months are basically numbers (1~12) + gatsu. Pay attention to April, July and September. April is shi-gatsu not yon-gatsu, July is shichi-gatsu not nana-gatsu and September is ku-gatsu not kyuu-gatsu. Click here to learn the old names of the months.

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How to Say the Months in Japanese

How to Say the Days of the Week in Japanese

What day is it today? - Kyou wa nan youbi desu ka. 

How to Say Four Seasons in Japanese

  • four seasons - shiki 四季
  • spring - haru 春
  • summer - natsu 夏
  • autumn - aki 秋
  • winter - fuyu 冬

Which season do you like the best? - Dono kisetsu ga ichiban suki desu ka. 

Learn how to write the four seasons in hiragana .