How to Share Notebooks in OneNote 2016

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Notebook Sharing on Microsoft OneNote 2016

A great way to take notes on your computer for free is by using Microsoft OneNote 2016. You can even have colleagues or friends edit and draft notes from their computers as well. This collaboration feature can be used in several different ways.

Your Microsoft OneNote 2016 files need to be synced to your computer’s OneDrive online account. This will enable others to access it from their devices as well as keep everything online.

Even so, your files won’t automatically be accessible to others; you will have to share the files yourself in order to have others edit them.

Once you’re in OneNote 2016, go to the “File” tab to access the available sharing tools and features.

Once the “File” menu is open, click on “Share” on the left-hand side.

Using Email to Share Notebooks

By simply sending an email to colleagues and friends, you can invite them to collaborate on your notebook and OneNote files. On the “Share” menu, click on “Share with People,” which will enable you to share only with people you manually invite. This sharing option is also the default option in OneNote 2016.

Upon clicking “Share with People,” you will have to type in the names and email addresses of the desired recipients. As you type in names, you may notice that if the contact is in your Outlook contacts list, it will automatically fill-in. If you want, you can click on “Search the Address Book for Contacts” to locate the name and email address you want.

Just be sure to separate each recipient with a semicolon. Every person you enter as a recipient will be added to the “Shared with” list at the bottom of the “Share” screen.

Sharing a notebook with another user means that you can either grant them viewing access to the notebook, or you can allow them to edit it as well as view it.

On the same screen in which you enter the recipients, you can click on the drop-down menu to the right to choose between “Can edit” or “Can view.” Beneath this drop-down menu is a large text box in which you can type a message to recipients.

By clicking the “Share” button beneath the text box, you can send your recipients a link as well.

In the case that you want to deny access to a former recipient, go to the “Shared with” list and right-click on the recipient you want to remove. A pop-up menu will appear; click “Remove user.” Note that there is also an option to “Change permission to” something else.

Your recipients will receive an email that includes a “View in OneDrive” button that they can click on to view your shared notebook. Clicking this button will open the notebook in their OneNote Online program, and depending on the permission you gave them, they can view and/or edit the content. They will know if they can modify the content by looking for the “Edit in Browser” button in their OneNote Online.

Using Links to Share Notebooks

Besides using email to share your notebook, you can use a link, which is a very similar process. When using links, you don’t have to remove each recipient user separately, like you have to do when using email.

All it takes is one simple click to deny notebook access to every one of your recipients.

To get started, go to “File,” “Share,” and click on “Get a Sharing Link.” You can choose from two options for recipients: “View Link” or “Edit Link.” Next to each option is a button that says “Create Link.”

Upon making your selection, you will see an edit box under your chosen option. Highlight the text in the edit box and hold “Ctrl + C” to copy it.

Then you can just paste the link into an email and send it off to your recipients. You may choose to share the link via a social media platform or instant messaging application instead.

Once a recipient clicks on the link you sent, their OneNote Online program will open up to display your shared notebook. Depending on whether you chose “View Link” or “Edit Link,” the recipient may or may not be able to modify the content.

To deny access to your recipients, go to the “Get a Sharing Link” screen and click on “Disable Link” to the right of the edit boxes.

Using PDFs to Share Notebooks

What if you only want to share a portion of your notebook to other users? You can use a PDF to share only certain information, rather than your entire notebook. The PDF file will contain whatever you want to share: images, paragraphs, specific notes, etc. Just click on “Export” and choose “PDF (*.pdf).”

Using Meetings to Share Notebooks

While in a meeting, you and your colleagues can all take notes collaboratively on the same notebook by sharing it. This is helpful in ensuring that you write down all of the most important information.

Your meeting should be scheduled in Outlook (it can be via Skype or Lync) so that you can share the notebook in a meeting. On the “Share” screen, click “Share with Meeting” and choose the correct meeting that you’ll be attending with colleagues. Clicking this will send a sharing link to all the other attendees so they can access the notebook and write notes on it.

It’s also possible to use the methods mentioned above while in a meeting.

Moving Shared Notebooks

Let’s say that you want to move a notebook to another destination, but you have already shared it. First you need to let all the recipients know that you’re going to change the location of the notebook. Then follow these steps to relocate the notebook successfully.

Brainstorming sessions and collaborative meetings are so much easier with the help of OneNote 2016.

As long as you know how to quickly and easily share notebooks with colleagues, you can improve workplace efficiency on almost any device.