How to Stick to Your Commitments

It’s easy to get caught up in those spiritual awakenings where we’re so caught up in the moment we start making commitments to God before really thinking about what we’re asking of ourselves?  This happens all the time at youth conventions, prayer meetings, and more.  We feel God moving all around us, and sometimes we’re filled with a desire to do something that we soon get overwhelmed by what we just promised, and then those commitments go unmet.

  Same thing for commitments we make to friends and family.  Promises and commitments shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Here are some ways we can ensure we stick to our commitments and fulfill our promises to God and others:

Start Simple
Some commitments are complicated, and we can get caught up in how overwhelming they may seem.  Suddenly a simple promise balloons into an anxiety-inducing burden.  One way to keep to our commitments is to break it down into smaller pieces or tasks.  it’s basically taking things one step at a time so that you can meet the end goal of the commitment.  

Do Daily Check Ins
We can also get overwhelmed by the broad nature of our commitments, and sometimes we’re so focused on the end goal that we get lost in the day to day.  So set a time each day with yourself to check in and ensure that you’re where you need to be with your commitments.  

Ask for Help
One of the most difficult things of us to do sometimes is ask for help.

  Yet God places people in our lives to assist us when we need it.  Just because you made promise doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  There are youth workers, pastors, friends, family, teachers and more that are all there ready to help you when you need it.  There’s God waiting for you to ask Him to help you fulfill your commitments.

Be Okay with Mistakes
Just because you made a commitment doesn’t mean you’re going to be perfect.  We all make mistakes, even when we’re trying to do something great.  We fail, and we get up again.  We do something wrong, and we fix it.  Don’t let a simple mistake derail you from sticking to your commitment.

Negate Negativity
Every time you turn to a negative thought, insert “but” after it.  For instance, “I just can’t figure this out” becomes “I just can’t figure this out, but…I can ask my teacher to explain it again.”  Don’t let negative thoughts take over.  There are always going to be obstacles, but negative thoughts allow us to become mired in the problems versus turning them into something positive and finding the solutions.

Research the Situation
One way to stick to our commitments is to understand what we’re getting ourselves into.  There are consequences to promises, good and bad.  The more we prepare for those consequences, especially the bad ones, the easier it is to deal with them when they appear.  So do some research.  For instance, if you promised God that you’d start a Bible study at church, know that not everyone is going to jump at it, and that it may take effort to get it started.


Put it in Your Face
Sometimes we make a commitment and it just fades away over time, mostly because we aren’t focusing on it like we should.  Some people find that putting a reminder of their promises where they can see them every single day is a way to stick to their promises.  Something like a note hung up by your mirror, a symbol of the commitment on your dresser, etc. can go a long way in reminding us that we’re doing something we promised to do.

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