How to Study for a Test, Quiz, or Exam

How to Study for Any Test

Learning how to study varies by what kind of test or quiz you're studying for, the amount of time you have, the situation in which you're studying, and many other factors. Are you trying to figure out how to study for a test or quiz in school when you only have a few minutes? Or, are you struggling to find the best way to study for a standardized exam like the ACT or Revised GRE? Here are several articles to explain to you the ins and outs of how to study no matter what type of testing situation you face.

How to Study For a Test in School

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No one ever said that studying for a test was fun, especially when there are so many other things piquing your interest in school - Dates! Homework! Clubs! Sports! But, when it comes down to it, knowing how to study by the type of test you have can help you achieve the grades, impress the parents, and ultimately, get you the GPA that you really deserve.

How to Study By Time Frame

Whether you have just a few minutes to prep for your vocabulary quiz or months to prep for your SAT, you'll need to know how to properly frame a study schedule. Obviously, you're not going to commit anything to long-term memory when you're cramming before a test, but that doesn't mean you can't learn a thing or two. And if you've given yourself three months to prepare for your standardized test, you have to know that you'll be better off than if you've given yourself only a few weeks. Here are the best ways to prepare according to the time frame you have.

How to Study With Friends

It's not always easy to study alone. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult, especially if you're the type who easily loses focus because of study distractions. Studying with a friend or a group of friends can help you maintain that concentration and get a higher score, as long as you choose people who make good study partners. Plus, you make pick up a thing or two you didn't know before if you learn how to study with friends properly!

How To Study With Your Kids

If you're a parent, grandparent, or other interested party and your kid comes home with a study guide for the big test coming up at the end of the week, what's the best way to help him or her study? Doing anything positive of course is better than doing nothing, but the best way to help kids study for their tests, quizzes or exams is by following one of the little coaching guides listed below, which are arranged by grade level.

How to Study for a Standardized Test

Look. You're gonna have to take a standardized test at some point. To get into undergrad, you'll need the ACT or SAT. Grad school requires even tougher tests. Learn how to study for these bad boys right now, so you're not left wondering why your school of choice isn't returning your phone calls.

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