How to Take a Test

Tips for Acing a Chemistry Test

Take the test; don't let it take you.
Take the test; don't let it take you. Image Source, Getty Images

Got a big test coming up? While studying is important, it helps to get your head in the game in order to ace an exam. Here are tips to help you make the most of test day.

Before You Take the Test

  1. Get Some Rest
    A good night's sleep is ideal. If you can't manage that, try for at least a few hours.
  2. Eat Breakfast
    Even if your test is later in the day, breakfast can help with your test outcome. A light, high-protein meal is recommended.
  3. Arrive Early
    Get to the test center early enough to get comfortable and relaxed.
  4. Prepare Your Materials
    Make sure you have pencils, a watch, a calculator (with good batteries), test forms, and any other required supplies.
  5. Relax
    Take a few deep breaths.
  6. Have a Positive Attitude
    Don't psych yourself into failure.

When You Get the Test

  1. Download What You Know
    For science tests, such as chemistry and physics, you may have memorized constants and equations. Write these down. Write down anything you remember that you feel you may forget during the test.
  2. Preview the Test
    Scan the test and identify the high-point questions. Also look for easy questions. Mark questions about which you are unsure to skip over until later.
  3. Read the Instructions
    Don't assume you know how to answer a question until you read the directions.

Tips for Taking the Test

  1. Get Started
    Start with a high-point question you can answer.
  2. Budget Your Time
    Work through the test from highest to lowest point value, answering questions about which you feel confident. In some cases, you may want to write an answer that covers the important points, then go back later to expand on your answer and provide examples.
  3. Answer All Questions
    ...unless you are penalized for quessing. If you are penalized for wrong answers, eliminate answers you know are incorrect, then make a guess (if you have eliminated enough answers to risk the guess).
  4. Be Sure You Answered All Questions
    Double-check for completeness.
  5. Check Your Work
    If you have the time, this is very important. Science tests are notorious for problems in which answers depend on earlier sections.
  6. Don't Second-Guess Yourself
    Don't change your answer unless you are sure of the new answer.

10 Best Tips for Passing a Chemistry Test

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