How To Use 'Periodic Table' in a Sentence

The periodic table organizes the elements.
The periodic table organizes the elements according to recurring trends in their properties. Lawrence Lawry, Getty Images

You may be asked to use the phrase "periodic table" in a sentence to show you understand what one is and what it's used for. Here are some example sentences.

  • The periodic table organizes chemical elements according to trends in their physical and chemical properties.
  • The periodic table lists elements in order of increasing atomic number.
  • There are 118 elements listed ‚Äčni the periodic table, although a few elements await verification of their discovery.
  • Mendeleev's periodic table ordered elements by increasing atomic weight.
  • The periodic table is ordered according to periods and groups.
  • Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table.
  • Most of the elements of the periodic table are metals.
  • One of the halogens on the periodic table is the element chlorine.