Toys: Howdy Doody Memorabilia -- Prices and Values

Find out what toys sold for at online auctions and via online price guides. Prices realized for Howdy Doody and the character toys from his show. Both vintage and newer items are shown. See what your Howdy Doody treasures might be worth

Howdy Doody Memorabilia

If you remember when it was Howdy Doody Time, you'll might want to know how much your old treasures are worth. That is, if you still have them and "Mom" didn't throw it all away!

Heidi Doody Marionette

Who is Heidi Doody? She was Howdy's sister and her puppet sells well at auctions.

Howdy Doody Images and Prices

A selection of vintage Howdy Doody pieces, many from Hake's Americana auctions. Pictures include Flub-a-Dub, Tricycle pull toy, tin litho toy - "Doing the Howdy Doody", puppet show, vinyl doll, premium puzzle map, wrist watch, Heidi Doody and our favorite clown -- Clarabell.