HTML Codes - Greek Letters

Commonly Used Symbols in Science and Mathematics

Greek text and the alphabet in a classroom book in school.
Stephen Shepherd/Photolibrary/Getty Images

If you write anything scientific or mathematical on the internet, you will quickly find the need for several special characters that are not readily available on your keyboard.

This table contains many Greek letters but not all of them. It only contains upper and lowercase letters that are not available on a keyboard.

For example: the capital alpha A could be typed with a regular capital A or with the code & #913 or & Alpha.

The results are the same.

These codes are presented with an extra space between the ampersand and the code. To use these codes, delete the extra space. It should be mentioned that not all symbols are supported by all browsers. Check before you publish.

More complete code lists are available.

HTML Codes for Greek Letters

CharacterDisplayedHTML Code
capital gammaΓ& #915; or & Gamma;
capital deltaΔ& #916; or & Delta;
capital thetaΘ& #920; or & Theta;
capital lambdaΛ& #923; or & Lamda;
capital xiΞ& #926; or & Xi;
capital piΠ& #928; or & Pi;
capital sigmaΣ& #931; or & Sigma;
capital phiΦ& #934; or & Phi;
capital psiΨ& #936; or & Psi;
capital omegaΩ& #937; or & Omega;
small alphaα& #945; or & alpha;
small betaβ& #946; or & beta;
small gammaγ& #947; or & gamma;
small deltaδ& #948; or & delta;
small epsilonε& #949; or & epsilon;
small zetaζ& #950; or & zeta;
small etaη& #951; or & zeta;
small thetaθ& #952; or & theta;
small iotaι& #953; or & iota;
small kappaκ& #954; or & kappa;
small lamdaλ& #955; or & lambda;
small muμ& #956; or & mu;
small nuν& #957; or & nu;
small xiξ& #958; or & xi;
small piπ& #960; or & pi;
small rhoρ& #961; or & rho;
small sigmaσ& #963; or & sigma;
small tauτ& #964; or & tau;
small upsilonυ& #965; or & upsilon;
small phiφ& #966; or & phi;
small chiχ& #967; or & chi;
small psiψ& #968; or & psi;
small omegaω& #969; or & omega;