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HTML Codes to Add Special Characters on Your Web Page

HTML code for building a web form
HTML code for building a web form. Image courtesy Gary Conner / Photolibrary / Getty Images

When you are coding a webpage, you will often need to use characters that are not found on a keyboard. To add these characters to your page, you cannot simply type it out. Instead, you have to code that character using an "HTML special character".

In other instances, certain characters are reserved in HTML, like the "less than" and "greater than" arrows that make up all HTML elements, or the ampersand symbol.

Even though these character are on your keyboard, you still would encode these in your HTML so your document knows how to properly render them on the screen.

The following list includes the HTML codes for many of the special character symbols used on web pages. To use these codes, you could write the special character out by hand, using either the friendly code. the numerical code or even the hex code.  You could also just find the character you need from the list below and paste in the code for it into your HTML document. You should use the Unicode character set, and define that in the head of your document. You define this character set by putting this line in the of your document:


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z More HTML Codes

CharacterFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
AAAACapital A
aaaaLowercase A
ÀÀÀÀCapital A-grave
ààààLowercase A-grave
ÁÁÁÁCapital A-acute
ááááLowercase A-acute
ÂÂÂÂCapital A-circumflex
ââââLowercase A-circumflex
ÃÃÃÃCapital A-tilde
ããããLowercase A-tilde
ÄÄÄÄCapital A-umlaut
ääääLowercase A-umlaut
ÅÅÅÅCapital A-ring
ååååLowercase A-umlaut
Ā ĀĀCapital A-macron
ā āāLowercase A-macron
Ă ĂĂCapital A-breve
ă ăăLowercase A-breve
Ą ĄĄCapital A-ogonek
ą ąąLowercase A-ogonek
Ǟ ǞǞCapital A-diaeresis and macron
ǟ ǟǟLowercase A-diaeresis and macron
Ǻ ǺǺCapital A-acute ring
ǻ ǻǻLowercase A-acute ring
ÆÆÆÆCapital AE Ligature
ææææLowercase AE Ligature
Ǽ ǼǼCapital AE Ligature-acute
ǽ ǽǽLowercase AE Ligature-acute
BBBBCapital B
bbbbLowercase B
 ḂḂCapital B-dot
 ḃḃLowercase B-dot
CCCCCapital C
ccccLowercase C
Ć ĆĆCapital C-acute
ć ććLowercase C-acute
ÇÇÇÇCapital C-cedilla
ççççLowercase C-cedilla
Č ČČCapital C-hachek
č ččLowercase C-hachek
Ĉ ĈĈCapital C-circumflex
ĉ ĉĉLowercase C-circumflex
Ċ ĊĊCapital C-dot
ċ ċċLowercase C-dot
DDDDCapital D
ddddLowercase D
 ḐḐCapital D-cedilla
 ḑḑLowercase D-cedilla
Ď ĎĎCapital D-hachek
ď ďďLowercase D-hachek
 ḊḊCapital D-dot
 ḋḋLowercase D-dot
Đ ĐĐCapital D-stroke
đ đđLowercase D-stroke
ÐÐÐÐCapital Eth (Icelandic)
ððððLowercase Eth (Icelandic)
DZ or Dz DZ or &498;DZ or DzCapital DZ Ligature
dz dzdzLowercase DZ Ligature
DŽ or Dž DŽ or DžDŽ or DžCapital DZ-hachek
dž dždžLowercase DZ-hachek
EEEECapital E
eeeeLowercase E
ÈÈÈÈCapital E-grave
èèèèLowercase E-grave
ÉÉÉÉCapital E-acute
ééééLowercase E-acute
Ě ĚĚCapital E-hachek
ě ěěLowercase E-hachek
ÊÊÊÊCapital E-circumflex
êêêêLowercase E-circumflex
ËËËËCapital E-umlaut
ëëëëLowercase E-umlaut
Ē ĒĒCapital E-macron
ē ēēLowercase E-macron
Ĕ ĔĔCapital E-breve
ĕ ĕĕLowercase E-breve
Ę ĘĘCapital E-ogonek
ę ęęLowercase E-ogonek
Ė ĖĖCapital E-dot
ė ėėLowercase E-dot
Ʒ ƷƷCapital Ezh
ʒ ʒʒLowercase Ezh
Ǯ ǮǮCapital Ezh-hachek
ǯ ǯǯLowercase Ezh-hachek
FFFFCapital F
ffffLowercase F
 ḞḞCapital F-dot
 ḟḟLowercase F-dot
ƒ ƒƒLowercase F-hook
 ffffLowercase FF Ligature
 fifiLowercase FI Ligature
 flflLowercase FL Ligature
 ffiffiLowercase FFI Ligature
 fflfflLowercase FFL Ligature
 ſtſtLowercase FT Ligature
GGGGCapital G
ggggLowercase G
Ǵ ǴǴCapital G-acute
ǵ ǵǵLowercase G-acute
Ģ ĢĢCapital G-cedilla
ģ ģģLowercase G-cedilla
Ǧ ǦǦCapital G-hachek
ǧ ǧǧLowercase G-hachek
Ĝ ĜĜCapital G-circumflex
ĝ ĝĝLowercase G-circumflex
Ğ ĞĞCapital G-breve
ğ ğğLowercase G-breve
Ġ ĠĠCapital G-dot
ġ ġġLowercase G-dot
Ǥ ǤǤCapital G-stroke
ǥ ǥǥLowercase G-stroke
HHHHCapital H
hhhhLowercase H
Ĥ ĤĤCapital H-circumflex
ĥ ĥĥLowercase H-circumflex
Ħ ĦĦCapital H-stroke
�� ħħLowercase H-stroke
IIIICapital I
iiiiLowercase I
ÌÌÌÌCapital I-grave
ììììLowercase I-grave
ÍÍÍÍCapital I-acute
ííííLowercase I-acute
ÎÎÎÎCapital I-circumflex
îîîîLowercase I-circumflex
Ĩ ĨĨCapital I-tilde
ĩ ĩĩLowercase I-tilde
ÏÏÏÏCapital I-umlaut
ïïïïLowercase I-umlaut
Ī ĪĪCapital I-macron
ī īīLowercase I-macron
Ĭ ĬĬCapital I-breve
ĭ ĭĭLowercase I-breve
Į ĮĮCapital I-ogonek
į įįLowercase I-ogonek
İ İİCapital I-dot
ı ııLowercase I-dotless
IJ IJIJCapital IJ Ligature
ij ijijLowercase IJ Ligature
JJJJCapital J
jjjjLowercase J
Ĵ ĴĴCapital J-circumflex
ĵ ĵĵLowercase J-circumflex
KKKKCapital K
kkkkLowercase K
 ḰḰCapital K-acute
 ḱḱLowercase K-acute
Ķ ĶĶCapital K-cedilla
ķ ķķLowercase K-cedilla
Ǩ ǨǨCapital K-hachek
ǩ ǩǩLowercase K-hachek
ĸ ĸĸSmall Capital K
LLLLCapital L
llllLowercase L
Ĺ ĹĹCapital L-acute
ĺ ĺĺLowercase L-acute
Ļ ĻĻCapital L-cedilla
ļ ļļLowercase L-cedilla
Ľ ĽĽCapital L-hachek
ľ ľľLowercase L-hachek
Ŀ ĿĿCapital L-middle dot
ŀ ŀŀLowercase L-middle dot
Ł ŁŁCapital L-stroke
ł łłLowercase L-stroke
LJ or Lj LJ or LjLJ or LjCapital LJ Ligature
lj ljljLowercase LJ Ligature
MMMMCapital M
mmmmLowercase M
 ṀṀCapital M-dot
 ṁṁLowercase M-dot
NNNNCapital N
nnnnLowercase N
Ń ŃŃCapital N-acute
ń ńńLowercase N-acute
Ņ ŅŅCapital N-cedilla
ņ ņņLowercase N-cedilla
Ň ŇŇCapital N-hachek
ň ňňLowercase N-hachek
ÑÑÑÑCapital N-tilde
ññññLowercase N-tilde
ʼn ʼnʼnLowercase N-apostrophe (before)
Ŋ ŊŊCapital Eng
ŋ ŋŋLowercase Eng
NJ or Nj NJ or NjNJ or NjCapital NJ Ligature
nj njnjLowercase NJ Ligature
OOOOCapital O
ooooLowercase O
ÒÒÒÒCapital O-grave
òòòòLowercase O-grave
ÓÓÓÓCapital O-acute
óóóóLowercase O-acute
ÔÔÔÔCapital O-circumflex
ôôôôLowercase O-circumflex
ÕÕÕÕCapital O-tilde
õõõõLowercase O-tilde
ÖÖÖÖCapital O-umlaut
ööööLowercase O-umlaut
Ō ŌŌCapital O-macron
ō ōōLowercase O-macron
Ŏ ŎŎCapital O-breve
ŏ ŏŏLowercase O-breve
ØØØØCapital O-slash
øøøøLowercase O-slash
Ő ŐŐCapital O-double acute
ő őőLowercase O-double acute
Ǿ ǾǾCapital O-acute slash
ǿ ǿǿLowercase O-acute slash
ŒŒŒŒCapital OE Ligature
œœœœLowercase OE Ligature
PPPPCapital P
ppppLowercase P
 ṖṖCapital P-dot
 ṗṗLowercase P-dot
QQQQCapital Q
qqqqLowercase Q
RRRRCapital R
rrrrLowercase R
Ŕ ŔŔCapital R-acute
ŕ ŕŕLowercase R-acute
Ŗ ŖŖCapital R-cedilla
ŗ ŗŗLowercase R-cedilla
Ř ŘŘCapital R-hachek
ř řřLowercase R-hachek
ɼ ɼɼLowercase R-Long leg
SSSSCapital S
ssssLowercase S
Ś ŚŚCapital S-acute
ś śśLowercase S-acute
Ş ŞŞCapital S-cedilla
ş şşLowercase S-cedilla
Š ŠŠCapital S-hachek
š ššLowercase S-hachek
Ŝ ŜŜCapital S-circumflex
ŝ ŝŝLowercase S-circumflex
 ṠṠCapital S-dot
 ṡṡLowercase S-dot
ſ ſſLowercase S-long
ßßßßLowercase SZ Ligature
TTTTCapital T
ttttLowercase T
Ţ ŢŢCapital T-cedilla
ţ ţţLowercase T-cedilla
Ť ŤŤCapital T-hachek
ť ťťLowercase T-hachek
 ṪṪCapital T-dot
 ṫṫLowercase T-dot
Ŧ ŦŦCapital T-stroke
ŧ ŧŧLowercase T-stroke
ÞÞÞÞCapital Thorn
þþþþLowercase Thorn
UUUUCapital U
uuuuLowercase U
ÙÙÙÙCapital U-grave
ùùùùLowercase U-grave
ÚÚÚÚCapital U-acute
úúúúLowercase U-acute
ÛÛÛÛCapital U-circumflex
ûûûûLowercase U-circumflex
Ũ ŨŨCapital U-tilde
ũ ũũLowercase U-tilde
ÜÜÜÜCapital U-umlaut
üüüüLowercase U-umlaut
Ů ŮŮCapital U-ring
ů ůůLowercase U-ring
Ū ŪŪCapital U-macron
ū ūūLowercase U-macron
Ŭ ŬŬCapital U-breve
ŭ ŭŭLowercase U-breve
Ų ŲŲCapital U-ogonek
ų ųųLowercase U-ogonek
Ű ŰŰCapital U-double acute
ű űűLowercase U-double acute
VVVVCapital V
vvvvLowercase V
WWWWCapital W
wwwwLowercase W
 ẀẀCapital W-grave
 ẁẁLowercase W-grave
 ẂẂCapital W-acute
 ẃẃLowercase W-acute
Ŵ ŴŴCapital W-circumflex
ŵ ŵŵLowercase W-circumflex
 ẄẄCapital W-umlaut
 ẅẅLowercase W-umlaut
XXXXCapital X
xxxxLowercase X
YYYYCapital Y
yyyyLowercase Y
 ỲỲCapital Y-grave
 ỳỳLowercase Y-grave
ÝÝÝÝCapital Y-acute
ýýýýLowercase Y-acute
Ŷ ŶŶCapital Y-circumflex
ŷ ŷŷLowercase Y-circumflex
ŸŸŸŸCapital Y-umlaut
ÿÿÿÿLowercase Y-umlaut
ZZZZCapital Z
zzzzLowercase Z
Ź ŹŹCapital Z-acute
ź źźLowercase Z-acute
Ž ŽŽCapital Z-hachek
ž žžLowercase Z-hachek
Ż ŻŻCapital Z-dot
ż żżLowercase Z-dot

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