Facebook Notes No Longer Supports HTML, but Still Has Options

HTML code is out, but cover photos and other features are in

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Following the redesign of the Notes feature in late 2015, Facebook no longer supported the entry of HTML directly in its Notes. It does allow some limited formatting, though.

How to Create and Format a Facebook Note

The Facebook Notes editor is WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. With that editor, you can write your notes and add some features without worrying about HTML. 

To write a new Facebook Note and format it:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile page and select Notes in the drop-down menu beneath More.

  2. If you want, click the area at the top of the blank note and add an image.

  3. Click where the note says Title and replace it with your title for the note. The title cannot be formatted. It appears in the same font and at the same size as the placeholder.

  4. Click the Write something placeholder and enter the text of your note.

  5. Highlight a word or line of the text to format it.

  6. When you highlight a word or only part of the line of text, a menu appears above the highlighted area. On that menu you can select B for bold, I for italic, </> for monospace type with the appearance of code, or the link symbol to add a link. If you add a link, paste or type it in the box that appears.

  7. If you want to format the ​entire line of text, click at the beginning of the line and select the paragraph symbol that appears. Select H1, or H2 to change the size of the line of text. Select one of the list icons to add bullets or numbers. Click the large quotation mark symbol to convert the text to a quotation format and size.

  8. To format several lines of text at the same time, highlight them and then click the paragraph symbol in front of one of the lines. Format the lines in the same way you format a single line.

  9. Select from the Bold, Italic, Monospaced code, and Link options, which are available for entire text lines as well as words.

  10. Choose an audience at the bottom of the note or keep it private and click Publish.

  11. If you aren't ready to publish your note, click Save. You can return to it and publish it later. 

Revised Note Format

The new Note format is clean and attractive with a much more modern look than the old format. Facebook received some criticism when it removed the HTML capability. The popular addition of the large cover photo won over a few fans though. The format is similar to a regular status update. It has a byline, timestamp and a crisper, more readable font. 

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