Human Body Project Ideas

Student With Anatomical Model
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Human body science projects and studies allow us to get a better understanding of the human body. Not only do we gain an improved knowledge of anatomical functions, but we gain a greater understanding of human behavior as well. The following human body project ideas provide suggestions for topics that can be explored through experimentation.

Behavioral Project Ideas

  • Does your sense of smell alter your sense of taste?
  • Which sense (taste, smell, touch) is best for identifying foods?
  • Does music affect blood pressure?
  • Does fear affect blood pressure? (Fear Science Project - Sample)
  • How does caffeine affect the body?
  • Does exercise affect memory retention?
  • Does music affect hand-eye coordination?
  • Does the weather affect a person's mood?
  • Does playing video games affect a person's heart rate?
  • Do colors affect a person's mood? (Colors and Mood Project - Sample)
  • Does gender affect reaction time?
  • Is yawning contagious?
  • Does smiling affect a person's mood?
  • Does human behavior change during a full moon?
  • Does room temperature affect concentration?
  • Does sight affect the ability to determine sound direction?

Biological Project Ideas:

  • Does a person's BMI affect blood pressure?
  • Do all people have the same normal body temperature?
  • Which type of exercises increase muscle growth the most?
  • How do various types of acid (phosphoric acid, citric acid, etc.) affect tooth enamel?
  • Does a person's heart rate and blood pressure vary during the day?
  • Does exercise affect lung capacity?
  • Does blood vessel elasticity affect blood pressure?
  • Is calcium necessary for bone strength?
  • Does light intensity affect peripheral vision?
  • Does eye color affect a person's ability to distinguish colors?
  • Do different stressors ( heat, cold, etc.) affect nerve sensitivity?
  • Do food smells affect saliva production?

Human Body Information

Need additional information about the human body for your project? These resources will help you get started:

More Science Project Ideas

For more information and ideas for science projects, see: 30+ Ideas for Animal Experiments and Projects, 22 Ideas for Science Experiments Using Plants, 8 Types of Biology-Based Science Fair Projects, Scientific Method Steps, and How to Write a Bibliography For a Science Fair Project.

Science Models

Constructing models is a fun and exciting way to learn about science.

Try making a model of the lungs or making a DNA model using candy. It is important to note that just constructing a model is not an experiment. Models should be used to enhance your science project.

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