Human Mysteries - True Stories

If you think people are weird, you don't know the half of it until you've met some of the people in these true stories.

Brother's Mysterious Disappearance

"Then his brother called again, and because of the bad reception my friend could barely make out what he was saying. It sounded like he said mountain... 'I'm going... LOOK!' That was the last time he would hear from his brother...."

Daughter's Bilocation

Kathy is in bed when her daughter enters the room and stand there staring at her... but it couldn't have been her daughter.

The Fly Whisperer

As the kid came to the part of finally reaching and grabbing the fly in his skit, he reflexively screamed and freaked out -- he had actually caught a fly!

Girl in the Tree

Sara sees a young girl sitting about 50 feet up in a tree! How did she get up there?

Happy Birthday from the Grave

While looking through an old trunk, V.B. finds a remarkable message.

Invisible Minivan Driver

Brandon comes across a minivan with no driver. Either it was driving itself, of the driver was invisible.

Jeepers Creepers, What a Flying Humanoid!

Floating above their heads about five feet on top of the picnic table where they ate was what he can only describe as a man with dark blistered skin wearing dark dusty pants, a dark trench coat, a dark sombrero, and beat up black boots.

Just a Dream... Or Was It?

Skyler's mother comes home, but doesn't respond to Skyler. Was it her mom?

The Kilowatt Man

Louis is starled by a bright, electrified yellow man, running with his arms jutting upward in a sharp movement.

Man With Electric Eyes

Lilly encounters a man on the street whose eyes rolled up and back into his eye sockets, and bright blue energy waved out of his eye sockets.

Men in Black Invade Missouri

Strange men are seen around Jefferson City, Missouri -- the first in a Target store.

Mystery Man in the Little House

I looked over my shoulder I saw two large black eyes looking back at me....

Not Quite Human

Here's another weirdo seen in another Target store, this one in Norcross, Georgia.

Pink Men and Mince Pies

Little pink men show up and steal mince pies from a kitchen window sill.

Storms Stir Up Weirdness

We had the weirdest night together, sharing the same dreams and talking to each other while asleep.

Strange Burst of Light

"A bright, brilliant, flash went of right in front of my face. It appeared to only have been two feet in front of me. The flash actually blinded me and I heard this whooshing noise...."

Strange Night Visitor

Christine answers the pounding at her door to find a very strange-looking man who just wasn't "right."

Strange, Stumbling Fog People

"We stopped at a red light and I looked out the window and saw these strange people. They where all dirty and stumbling around on the edge of a corn field, and they all seemed to have the same face!"

Temporary Invisibility

Renn was sitting there the whole time taking the exam, but his teacher didn't see him.

That's. Not. Audrey.

The kids call to Audrey, who is on the swings... but it wasn't her.

Unexplained Experiences

Ernie tells of unexplained events that came out of WWII and others with comment by Dr. Eugene Closson, the psychology teacher.

Would-Be Boyfriend Coincidence

"I clicked on a random picture toward the bottom of the page and a huge picture of the guy popped up on the screen! I nearly had a heart attack! 'THAT'S HIM! That's the guy from my story!'...."