Hundred Charts Teach Skip Counting, Place Value, and Multiplication

The hundred chart is a valuable learning resource to help young students with counting to 100, counting by twos, fives, and 10s—called skip counting—and multiplication. Use the hundred charts regularly with students from kindergarten to the third grade to help them learn many counting concepts. The first slide contains a full hundreds chart to teach counting by ones, skip counting, and place value. The second and third charts will help students learn to count by fives and 10s as well as money skills.

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A Hundred Chart

Hundreds Chart
Jerry Webster

Print the PDF: Hundred Chart

Print this PDF and reproduce copies as needed. Prepare as described below, and then use the copies to teach the following math skills:


Cut the hundreds chart into strips, 1 to 10, 11 to 20, etc. Have students read and count the strips to learn each set of numbers. Make a game by covering some of the numbers with buttons, paper squares, or bingo chips. Children get to take the button or other object when they correctly name the numbers. The student with the most buttons or objects wins.

Place Value

Cut the chart into strips of 10. Have the students order the 10's and paste them on another piece of paper. Use correction fluid to cover some of the numbers. Have younger students write the correct numbers from a number bank. Children with more experience can write the numbers in the blanks.

Skip Counting

Have the children use highlighters to highlight as you skip count: twos, fives, and 10's. Have students look for patterns. Copy the hundred chart on transparencies. Direct students or teams of students to skip count twos and fours in primary colors, and overlay them on an overhead projector when they are done. Also, skip count fives and 10's, and put on these numbers on the overhead. Alternatively, use yellow, red, and orange for skip counting threes, sixes, and nines, and then look at the color pattern.

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A Hundred Chart for Skip Counting by Fives

A hundred chart to practice skip counting
A hundred chart to practice skip counting 5's. Websterlearning

Print the PDF: Hundred Chart for Skip Counting by Fives

This hundred chart has blanks where the multiples of five go. Have students count by ones at first. After a couple repetitions, they may quickly see the pattern. If not, they need the repetition. When it is time to count nickels, have students write the fives and then place nickels on the fives to practice counting.

When you are counting mixed coins, color code the different coins: count to 25, color the 25's blue for quarters, count to 10 and color the 10's green, count the fives and color them yellow.

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A Hundred Chart for Counting by 10s

A hundred chart for skip counting
A hundred chart for skip counting. Websterdesigns

Print the PDF: Hundred Chart for Counting by 10's

This hundred chart has blanks for each of the multiples of 10. Students begin counting by ones, and after a couple of times, they may see the pattern. When you begin counting dimes, place the dimes on the 10's and practice counting them by 10's.