Hundred Charts Teach Skip Counting, Place Value and Multiplication

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Hundred Charts Are Tools to Teach Place Value and Skip Counting

Double Click on the Image for a Printable. Jerry Webster

The hundred chart above has many uses to help students learn counting, place value and skip counting. Below are some ideas for using the chart with your students

A pdf of the Hundred Chart.


  • Cut the hundreds chart into strips, 1 to 10, 11 to 20, etc. Have students read and count the strips in order to learn each set of numbers.
  • Make a game: cover some of the numbers with buttons, paper squares or bingo chips. Children get to take the button, etc., when they correctly name the numbers. The one with the most buttons, etc., wins.

Place Value

  • Cut the chart into strips of ten. Have the students order the tens and paste them on another piece of paper.
  • Use white-out to cover some of the numbers. Have younger students write the correct numbers off of a "number bank." Children with more experience can write the numbers in the blanks.

Skip Counting

  • Have the children use highlighters to highlight as you skip count: 2's, 5's and 10's. Have students look for patterns. This can also be used for multiplication tables by skip counting 3's, 4's, etc.
  • Copy the hundred chart on transparencies. Have students, or teams of students skip count 2's and 4's in primary colors, and overlay them on an overhead projector when done. Also skip count 5's and 10's and put on the overhead. Or go crazy and do yellow, red and orange for skip counting 3's, 6's and 9's, and then look at the color pattern.
  • Use overheads like the ones above to look for least common multiples, as well.
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A Hundred Chart for Skip Counting by Fives

A hundred chart to practice skip counting 5's. Websterlearning

A printable pfd.

This hundred chart has blanks where the multiples of five go. Have the students count by ones at first. After a couple repetitions they may quickly see the pattern. If not, they need the repetition.

When it is time to count nickels, have them write the fives and then place nickels on the fives to practice counting.

When you are counting mixed coins, you can color code the different coins: count to 25, color the 25's blue for quarters, count ten and color the ten's green, count the fives and color them yellow.

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A Hundred Chart for Counting by Tens

A hundred chart for skip counting. Websterdesigns

Printable jpg.

This hundred chart has blanks for each of the multiples of ten. Students begin counting by ones, and after a couple of times, they may see the pattern.

When you begin counting dimes, place the dimes on the ten's and practice counting them by tens.

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