Free Christmas Worksheets for the Holidays

Christmas Worksheets for the Holiday Season

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Christmas worksheets are a great way to add some fun to a rather boring-looking worksheet. Most of these Christmas worksheets are themed around the holidays and many are decorated with fun images. They will have the kids jumping at the chance to do them. They'll have a great time and may even learn a few things along the way.

Below you'll find hundreds of Christmas worksheets that help teach math, writing, vocabulary, problem-solving, and more. They're for a wide range of ages and grades, from preschool all the way up to high school.

These are great worksheets for teachers to use in the classroom but also are great resources for parents, whether they're homeschooling or just looking to strengthen some skills during their child's Christmas break.

Math Christmas Worksheets

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This is a list of free, printable Christmas worksheets that help reinforce math skills. They are all Christmas themed making them extra fun for the kids to complete.

There are worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners, elementary school, middle school, and high school. There's also some fun Christmas themed math activities that kids of any age would love.

The Christmas worksheets here have kids practice math skills such as counting, pattern recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, geometry, and algebra.

Christmas Writing Worksheets at WorksheetPlace

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WorksheetPlace has some free, printable Christmas worksheets that will help kids focus on their writing during the holiday season.

The worksheets are about subjects such as persuasive letters, brainstorming, paragraph writing, picture labeling, procedural writing, riddles, Venn diagrams, writing organizers, writing prompts, comparing and contrasting, critical thinking, and thank you letters.

You'll also find some Christmas-themed writing paper featuring Santa, elves, gifts, snowmen, and reindeer. These decorative writing papers can really inspire a child to write a letter to Santa, a wish list, or even a holiday-time story.

No registration is required to get the worksheets, simply click the thumbnails to open a printable PDF file.

Teachnology's Free Christmas Worksheets

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Teachnology has a whole list of Christmas worksheets that can be downloaded with a simple click. The worksheets are nicely organized, you can browse down and easily view the title of the worksheet and a short description. This makes it really quick to find what you're looking for.

The Christmas worksheets include poems, mazes, cryptograms, creative writing, vocabulary, and more. There are even several complete Christmas printable sets here.

In addition, there are Christmas coloring pages, writing worksheets, Christmas songs, and teacher resources.

Christmas Worksheets at Teachers Pay Teachers

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Teachers Pay Teachers has over 11,000 free Christmas worksheets! You can find worksheets by grade, subject, and resource type. You can also sort by best seller, rating, and most recent.

There are tons of free Christmas worksheets here that include complete unit plans, math centers, games, and just about the type of worksheet you can think of.

Keep in mind that some of the resources on Teachers Pay Teachers cost money. If you're looking for free worksheets, they will be clearly stated in the description.

Free Christmas Worksheets at

Girl wearing santa hat with santa on a sleigh
Brand New Images/Getty has a wide variety of free Christmas worksheets that include story maps, writing prompts, dot-to-dots,  spot the differences, coloring pages, writing practice, color by numbers, holiday themed sudoku, calendars, and much more.

Besides printable worksheets, there are games, guided lessons, lesson plans, hands-on activities, interactive stories, and much more.

Note: You'll need to create a free account to be able to download and print their free worksheets.

DLTK's Free Christmas Worksheets

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 DLTK also has a wide variety of printable Christmas worksheets that include word search puzzles, word mining puzzles, word ladders, tracer pages, sudoku, math worksheets, mazes, printable books, cryptograms, crosswords, creative writing prompts, and anagrams.

To get the best version of these worksheets, be sure to click on the thumbnail and then use the Print Template link to open it up with your printer dialog box.

Free Christmas Worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets

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Super Teacher Worksheets has just a few Christmas worksheets broken down into categories for puzzles, addition, subtraction, crafts, multiplication, division, reading, poems, color-by-number, story pictures, graphic organizers, grammar, spelling, and build-a-sentence.

All the Christmas worksheets that have "Free" beside them are free to print and use and even have an indicator on which worksheets are Common Core connected.

Christmas Worksheets at K12 Reader

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K12 Reader has a great selection of printable Christmas worksheets that you can use at home or in the classroom. There are two pages full of writing and math worksheets that are each labeled with the subject and suggested grade level.

Some examples of Christmas worksheets you'll see here will help students with pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary, alphabetizing, writing poems and stories, completing puzzles, and even solve secret Christmas codes.

All Kids Network's Free Christmas Worksheets

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All Kids Network has dozens of free, printable Christmas worksheets. There are worksheets that help teach and reinforce counting, writing, reading comprehension, the alphabet, number matching, and much more. There are also fun activities over at All Kids Network. Worksheets that are mazes, cut and paste activities, puzzles to decode, and all sorts of other fun activities that the kids will be begging to work on.

For each worksheet, you'll be able to view the number of visits, subjects the worksheet covers, and recommended grade levels. You'll be able to download and print the worksheets from here.

Christmas Worksheets for Homeschoolers from Homeschool Helper Online

A boy writing a letter with mom's help.
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Here's a wonderful collection of Christmas worksheets made with the homeschoolers in mind.

The Christmas worksheets here include word search lapbooks, a generosity character study, Christmas units on The Velveteen Rabbit, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Kirsten An Americal Girl

There is also a lot of writing paper and other holiday printables that the kids would love to write on.

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