Hybrid Bike Sizing and Fit Guide

How to Determine the Right Size Hybrid Bicycle for You

Trek Verve Hybrid

A hybrid bicycle combines durability and ruggedness with a lighter frame to fall somewhere between a mountain bike and a road bike. These versatile bicycles have stocky builds and wide tires to allow some off-road riding, but are light and have the gears to really get moving. While they can't handle the extreme terrain a mountain bike can or ride as fast as a skinny-tired road bike does, hybrid bikes are a good choice for everyday biking and commuting.

Measuring Hybrid Bicycles

Riding a hybrid that fits properly ensures a good experience on the road and off. Hybrid bikes are generally measured by frame size, which is the distance in inches from the center of the crank to the top of the frame at the seat tube. The sizing of hybrid bikes is comparable to the sizing of mountain bikes, which means they'll run a couple of inches smaller than a comparable road bike.

Knowing your height and inseam measurements is all the information you need to determine the proper frame size fit for a hybrid bike, though inseam is the more important measurement going in because leg length is more relevant than torso size. Of course, the ultimate test of a hybrid's size and fit is the practice ride. 

Hybrid Bike Sizing Guide

Hybrid Bikes Sizing 
Your HeightYour Inseam LengthBike Frame SizeDescriptive Sizing
4'11"–5'3"25”–27”13 - 15 inchesXS
5'3"–5'7"27"–29"15 to 17 inchesSmall
5'7"–5'11"29"–31"17 to 19 inchesMedium
5'11"–6'2"31"–33"19 to 21 inchesLarge
6'2"–6'4"33"–35"21 to 23 inchesLarge/XL
6'4" and up35" and up23 inches and upXL