New Friend Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Activity

Get to Know New People With This Fun Group Activity

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Whether you're working with a group of children or adults, icebreaker activities help you introduce people to each other quickly as well as build trust in the group, which is important. People form bonds fast when exchanging personal information, and trust is crucial for a group's optimal functioning.

Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Checklist

In this icebreaker activity, for each of the following categories, participants find a person in the group who fits the description.

Make sure people introduce themselves before asking questions to people they don't know. Write each person's name down next to an item that matches. A person's name can only appear twice. The individual with the most matches wins!

1. Was born in February __________________________

2. Is an only child __________________________

3. Loves country music __________________________

4. Has been to Europe __________________________

5. Speaks another language __________________________

6. Likes to go camping __________________________

7. Likes to paint __________________________

8. Is from a different ethnic group than you __________________________

9. Has six or more brothers and sisters __________________________

10. Owns a car__________________________

11. Likes to sing __________________________

12. Has been to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. __________________________

13. Has been on a cruise ship __________________________

14. Loves purple __________________________

15. Has been to more than two continents __________________________

16. Has gone whitewater rafting __________________________

17. Plays sports __________________________

18. Likes Mexican food __________________________

19. Dislikes hamburgers __________________________

20. Has been to an art museum __________________________

21. Has had braces __________________________

22. Has met a movie star __________________________

23. Was born in the state where you are located __________________________

24. Was born outside the state where you are located __________________________

25. Has a twin __________________________

26. Has sleep problems __________________________

27. Flosses teeth daily __________________________

28. Recycles __________________________

29. Is wearing the same color that you have on today (only one color need match) __________________________

30. Has eaten a whole pizza __________________________

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