New Friend Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Activity

Help students get to know each other with this fun group activity

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Students and teachers form bonds quickly when exchanging information about themselves. This scavenger hunt icebreaker activity creates bonds among students and between the students and teacher. Exchanging information fosters trust and connection. As a result, the entire group feels more comfortable and open.

This activity works best for a large group. Adapt it for any group size by ensuring that each category fits more than one individual in the group.

Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Preparation

In this icebreaker activity, participants find an individual in the group who fits the description for each of the following categories. Be sure that participants introduce themselves before asking questions of individuals they do not know.

Provide each student with a basic handout containing a list of categories, such as the one below. Instruct the students to go around the room engaging with their peers and finding out who fits which category. By the end of the activity, every student should have each of their classmates' names written down next to at least one of the categories. No student's name should appear more than twice on anyone's handout.

Icebreaker Categories

These categories may be adjusted to account for the grade, subject matter, or interest. To extend the time the icebreaker takes to complete and practice writing skills, have older students jot down each category before beginning the activity. Alternatively, type the list of categories beforehand (or simply print this one out), and hand one out to each student. Providing such a list would work well, particularly if you teach younger students.

  1. Was born in February
  2. Is an only child
  3. Loves country music
  4. Has been to Europe
  5. Speaks another language
  6. Likes to go camping
  7. Likes to paint
  8. Has a job
  9. Has five or more brothers and sisters
  10. Is wearing colorful socks
  11. Likes to sing
  12. Has been to Washington, D.C.
  13. Has been on a cruise ship
  14. Is double-jointed
  15. Has been to more than two continents
  16. Has gone whitewater rafting
  17. Plays a sport
  18. Likes Mexican food
  19. Dislikes hamburgers
  20. Has been to an art museum
  21. Has (or has had) braces
  22. Has met a movie star
  23. Was born in the state where you are located
  24. Was born outside the state where you are located
  25. Has a twin
  26. Has sleep problems
  27. Flosses teeth daily
  28. Recycles
  29. Is wearing the same color you have on today (only one color need match)
  30. Has eaten a whole pizza
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