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The following idioms and expressions use the verb 'get'. Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'get'. Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with quiz testing idioms and expressions with get.

Get someone's drift

Definition: understand what someone has said

Do you get his drift?
I don't get his drift. Does he think I should quit?

Get a bang / kick out of someone or something

Definition: enjoy someone or something greatly

I really get a bang out of Tom!
She got a kick out of the new video game.

Get a life!

Definition: Don't worry about such stupid, or petty things

Come on. Get a life! Go out and have some fun.
I wish Janet would get a life. She's always complaining about nothing.

Get a load off one's feet

Definition: sit down, relax

Come on get a load off your feet.
Come over here and get a load off your feet.

Get a load off one's mind

Definition: stop worrying about something

I'm glad he got the job. I'm sure he's got a load off his mind.
That news gets a load off my mind.

Get a load of someone or something

Definition: take notice of someone or something

Get a load of that boy over there!
Get a load of this book. It's excellent!

Get a toehold

Definition: To begin a relationship with a person or company

I got a toehold at Smiths and Sons.
He's trying to get a toehold with Jason.

Get away!

Definition: I don't believe you

He didn't say that! Get away!
No, get away! That's can't be true.

To get down on someone

Definition: criticize someone

Don't get so down on Janet.
My boss is getting down on me.

Get down to doing something

Definition: begin to do something seriously

Let's get down to business.
I got down to doing the report yesterday afternoon.

Get face

Definition: be taken seriously

He's really beginning to get face in that company.
I wish I could get face.

To get in someone's face

Definition: to annoy or provoke someone

Why don't you get in his face!
Tim really got in the coach's face.

To get in on the act

Definition: become a part of something interesting

I really wish I could get in on the act.
Would you like to get in on the act at work?

Get into something

Definition: enjoy greatly

He's really getting into that new CD by Japlin.
I got into the movie last night.

Get it

Definition: understand

Do you get it?
He got it and began having success.

Get lost!

Definition: go away

Come on, get lost!
I wish Tom would get lost.

Get off on something

Definition: enjoy greatly

He's really getting off on jazz these days.
Do you get off on cult movies?

Get one's act together

Definition: become organized about something

I wish Mary would get her act together.
Yes, I got my act together and found a new job.

Get one's lumps

Definition: receive punishment

She got her lumps for disobeying her parents.
I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm getting my lumps.

Get one's nose out of joint

Definition: become upset about something

He got his nose out of joint about the new employee.
Don't get your nose out of joint. It's not that bad!

Get one's teeth into something

Definition: do something with a lot of dedication

I'm getting my teeth into the new project at work.
I think you are going to get your teeth into this book.

Get on someone's case

Definition: to criticize someone about a problem

Stop getting on my case about homework.
My boss is getting on my case about the project.

Get out of my face!

Definition: stop bothering me

Get out of my face! I'm going to do it!
She told him to get out of her face.

Get real!

Definition: start acting realistically

Get real about her.
Forget it. Get real.

Get someone's goat.

Definition: bother someone

She's getting his goat recently.
Tom is really getting my goat.

Get some shut-eye

Definition: go to sleep

I need to go home and get some shut-eye.
He looks like he needs to get some shut-eye.

Get the goods on someone

Definition: find out incriminating evidence against someone

Janet got the goods on him and they are getting divorced.
I can't wait to get the goods on Jack.

Get the lead out!

Definition: hurry up

Come on! Get the load out!
Let's get out of here. Get the lead out!

Get the message / picture

Definition: understand

So do you get the picture?
I don't think he gets the message.

Get the nod

Definition: be chosen

Peter got the nod for the job.
I think Mary should get the nod.

Get to someone

Definition: bother someone

Tom is really getting to Mary.
Motor scooter noise gets to me!

Get with it

Definition: hurry up

Get with it. We're late.
I wish Tom would get with it.

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