Idioms and Expressions With 'Do'

Busy Commute
I have to do an about face because I left my briefcase at home.

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The following idioms and expressions use the verb 'do'. Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'do'. 

Do a Double Take

Definition: look twice at someone or something because you are surprised

She did a double take when he walked into the room.
Did you see that man do a double take as he looked at the price?

Do a Number on Someone

Definition: trick someone, cheat someone, hurt someone very badly

I'm afraid she did a number on him when she broke up.
That guy did a number on John to the tune of $500!

Do an About Face

Definition: turn around, return to where someone came from

I'd like you to do an about face and go clean your room!
As soon as I got to work I realized I'd have to do an about face because I'd left my briefcase at home.

Do Away With Something

Definition: prohibit something, make something not available 

They tried to do away with coffee in some cultures to little success.
Anytime they do away with something people want it even more. 

Do Justice to Something

Definition: do successfully and with honor, complete in a befitting manner

I think that painting doesn't do justice to him.
Alice really did justice to the presentation. 

Do One’s Duty

Definition: complete a responsibility, do something that is expected of you

Remember to do your duty by honoring your parents.
I'll do my duty but nothing more.

Do One's Part

Definition: do something that is required of you, join in doing something that requires many people

He feels that volunteering is doing his part.
Do you part and get along and you'll have no problems here.

Do or Die

Definition: complete a task or utterly fail

It's do or die time now. We're getting married!
Well John, it's do or die. Let's go!

Do Someone Good 

Definition: be beneficial for someone

I think taking the week off will do you good.
She told me a massage would do me good. 

Do Something Over

Definition: repeat an action often because of a poor start

Let's do that over! I wasn't concentrated enough!
I'd love to do college over if I had the chance.

Do Someone Proud

definition: do something so well that another person is proud of you

David did his father proud throughout his successful life.
I think you'll do your family proud this year. 

Do Someone's Heart Good

Definition: be good for someone emotionally

I think listening to some classical music would do your heat good.
Getting straight As did her heart good.

Do Something by Hand

Definition: build something on one's own

He built his house by hand.
I created that desk by hand. 

Do Something in Vain

Definition: do something with no reason or chance at success

Peter feels his doing the job in vain.
Never feel you're doing something in vain. There's always a reason.

Do Something on the Fly

Definition: do something quickly without thinking

I did it on the fly, it's nothing special.
Let's do it on the fly. It won't take long.

Do Something on the Run

Definition: do something while on the way to somewhere else

We did it on the run while on the way to Arizona.
You can do it on the run. Let's go!

Do Something on the Sly

Definition: do something without having other people notice

She did it on the sly. Her husband never had a clue.
He made lots of money by doing it on the sly.

Do the Honors

Definition: do something like cutting a cake, or giving a speech that is an honor

I'd like to let your father do the honors.
I'll do the honors and toast to happy and long life!

Do the Trick

definition: complete the task, function as a solution

I think this pen will do the trick.
You'll come up with something to do the trick.

Do You Read Me?

Definition: question asked usually in a stern manner to ask if someone understands

We'll have no more talk! Do you read me?!
That's enough. Do you read me?

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