If You Like Enya...

You Might Like These Other Celtic and New Age Musicians!

If you're a fan of Celtic New Age chanteuse Enya, consider adding some of these CDs by similar artists to your collection.

This 2006 album from Loreena McKennitt will delight Enya fans with its lush, ambient sound and impressive vocals and instrumental arrangements.

Sissel made waves (pun intended) when she sang on the soundtrack to the hit film Titanic. The soundtrack had originally been offered to Enya herself, but she declined, and the Norwegian chanteuse Sissel got the chance instead.
Enigma is more of a musical project than an actual band, as much of the music is actually electronic. Husband and wife Michael and Sandra Cretu head up Enigma, who are perhaps best known for their song "Return to Innocence", which has appeared on dozens of television and movie soundtracks.
Enya fans should have no trouble finding common threads between her music and that of Maire Brennan - especially since the two women are sisters! Maire's music is slightly more traditionally Celtic than Enya's, but fans of one will likely find themselves fans of the other.
Lisa Gerrard is a world-renowned musician whose music you're likely already familiar with: she composed and performed the soundtracks for Gladiator, Whale Rider, Ali, Man on Fire and dozens more. Her voice is remarkable and her compositions are exquisite.
Clannad is a progressive Irish music group which consists mostly of Enya's real-life family, plus a couple of friends. Enya was actually a part of the band before she embarked on her solo career. Clannad hasn't recorded a new studio album in quite some time, though they continue to state that they will do so in the near future, but it's definitely worth picking up this best-of album!

If you're a fan of Enya, you might like this debut album from Celtic Woman fiddler Mairead Nesbitt. It's a bit traditional, as Nesbitt is first and foremost a traditional Irish fiddler, but is very clean and well-produced.

If you're inclined towards Enya's more Celtic songs, rather than the new-agier ones, Solas might just be the band that really hooks you. They're young, hip, urban, and fun, and they've got an attitude that'll grab you and hook you right from the get-go.

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