Illinois College GPA, SAT and ACT Data

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Illinois College GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

Illinois College GPA, SAT and ACT Data for Admission
Illinois College GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

Discussion of Illinois College's Admissions Standards:

Illinois College is a small liberal arts college with moderately selective admissions. More than a third of all applicants will not be admitted. Successful applicants typically have grades in the "A" or "B" range. The graph above can give you a sense of typical standardized test scores, but realize that they don't carry much weight -- Illinois College has test-optional admissions.

In the middle of the graph you'll see a few red dots (rejected students) and yellow dots (waitlisted students) mixed in with the green and the blue. A handful of students who seemed to be on target for admission to Illinois College did not get in. On the flip side, a few students with scores and grades below the norm were admitted. These seeming inconsistencies can be explained by Illinois College's holistic admissions policy. The college takes into consideration much more than numerical data. Applicants can use either Illinois College's own application or the Common Application, and in both cases the college will be looking for strong letters of recommendation, an engaging personal statement, and participation in meaningful extracurricular activities.

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