Image Manipulation in Photoshop Mix

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Getting started

The Photoshop mix main screen.
Launch Photoshop Mix on your iPad.

Photoshop Mix, the new Adobe app,available for both iOS and Android systems does a lot more than simply create composite images. You can use it to correct an image you have taken using your iPhone or iPad or fix up an image sitting on your Camera Roll or Creative Cloud account.To get started launch Photoshop Mix on your iPad.

Though you can use your iPhone, I find the viewport area to be too small for really detailed work. 

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Click the + sign and select an image.

The image from Amsterdam is opened from the Camera Roll.
Locate an image you wish to use. There are a lot of choices.

 Though I can choose to shoot an image, use one on my Camera Roll, from a Lightroom collection and from Facebook or Dropbox,  I have chosen to use a street scene I shot a few years ago in Amsterdam. The image is currently sitting in my Creative Cloud account.

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Plan your correction strategy

The Amsterdam image to be corrected is open in Photoshop Mix.
Plan your correction strategy before you start,.

The image seems a bit distorted so I will need to address that. As well, that post at the bottom is a distraction and needs to go. I will obviously need to brighten up the image and crop it as well. Let’s get started.

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Tap "More Edits"

The Upright, Shake Reduction and Content Aware Fill options are shown
The choices at the bottom use the Creative Cloud for memory-intensive tasks.

 There are three choices at the bottom. Upright, will compensate for the lens distortion from the camera, Shake Reduction and Content-Aware Fill will let me deal with posts in the square. These three buttons are rather neat. Their memory-intensive tasks are not done on the device. When one is selected the image is shot up to the Creative Cloud servers your choice will be completed. 

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Tap "Upright" to deal with distortions

The four Upright options are shown at the bottom of the interface.
The "Upright" choices will deal with distortions.

 If you are familiar with Photoshop, the image, itself, will be tilted to accommodate the change. The percentage you see actually allows you to change the degree of the change. It is actually a slider and the image will change based on the slider.  I selected # 3 and tapped the Check Mark. The correction is done and I am returned to the main screen. I then tapped More Edits again

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Tap "Content Aware Fill"

An artifact in the image is selected and ready to be removed using Content Aware Fill.
Content Aware Fill comes to the iPad.

 There are two brushes at the bottom. The one on the left will automatically make the change. The one to its right allows you to control the process. I am a bit of a control-freak so I choose the manual brush , make sure the switch to the left is set to + and, using my pen or finger, I paint over the pillar. If I have too big an area I can tap the – (minus) switch and then put some of the selection back. When I am happy I tap the Fill button. The image is uploaded to the Creative Cloud, Content Aware Fill is applied to the selection and sent back to my iPad. I am happy and tap the Check mark to return to the main screen

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Crop the image

The Crop Options are shown.
Cropping an image in Photoshop Mix.

 Cropping is a rather fascinating process with this app. As soon as you tap the crop button, the image sports crop handles but, at the bottom of the screen, you are presented with some options.  I chose Freeform which allows me to crop to any dimension or aspect ratio. When you are satisfied, tap the Check mark to accept the crop.

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Apply some color correction

The Adjust panel showing the Colour Correction choices.
Color correction is a feature of Photoshop Mix.

The color correction controls are exposed when you tap the Adjust button.

In this case the image has problems with Exposure, the Contrast, Clarity ( Sharpness) and Saturation.  To correct the exposure I simply tapped on the Exposure button put my finger on the image and moved my finger to the right  to overexpose the image or to the left to reduced the exposure. It is the same process for the other three button. Once you are satisfied tap the Check mark to accept the changes.

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Add and optional look

The Looks feature of Photoshop Mix is shown.
You can also apply photo effect filters to the image.

 If you are familiar with Instagram filters or those from another application, you will instantly understand how these work. I selected natural and tapped the Check mark.

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Export the image and open in Photoshop

The image created in Photoshop Mix is opened in Photoshop.
The image can then be opened in Photoshop for further enhancement or changes.

You have a number of export choices in Photoshop Mix but the really neat one is Save to Photoshop. Tap that and the image is shot up to Creative Cloud, converted to a .psd file and then saved in your Creative Cloud account. Open Photoshop and the image is found in the Photoshop folder added to your Creative Cloud folder.

Don’t let the fact that Photoshop Mix is a mobile app lull you into thinking it is limited in what it can do. The ability to manipulate images, create composites with Masks, Layers and correction capabilities, including Content Aware Fill, puts a pretty powerful Photoshop toolset at your disposal. Best of all, that toolset is available to you on the device in your pocket or the iPad in your bag … wherever you find yourself.