Images: Women and the Civil War

Wartime Roles for Women, Illustrated

From a Civil War Era Envelope
From a Civil War Era Envelope. The New York Historical Society/Getty Images

2001: Women Civil War reenactors and their costumes: First Manassas Reenactment, Leesburg, Virginia, August 3-5, 2001.

1860s: Woman at the time of the Civil War - Mathew Brady Studio, Photographer

Some Individual women known for their Civil War activities:

Women's Fashion: CDVs.  circa 1860s. CDVs (visiting cards with photographs) showing the fashions of women at the time. These are rather ordinary women, contrasting with the Mathew Brady photograph above.  Their dresses and hair styles are typical of the times.  Detail images are included for each CDV.

Godey's Lady's Book - Women's Fashions, 1860s Style

July 21, 1861: First Bull Run - Ruins of Judith Henry House

March 1862: Mrs. Spinner's House - Centreville

May 14, 1862: Ex-slaves in Cumberland Landing, Virginia, 1862 - women, men and children outside a cabin

August 1862: Cedar Mountain Virginia - 1862 - Family Group outside home where General Charles S. Winder, C.S.A., died - includes several women

April 1863: Group at Falmouth, headquarters, Army of the Potomac. Includes a woman

June 1863: Sanitary Commission workers outside entrance of the Home Lodge, Washington, D.C.

(all men in this photo, though women helped organize and staff Sanitary Commission operations)

February 1864: Officers and a lady at headquarters, First Brigade, Horse Artillery, Brandy Station, Virginia.

1864: US Sanitary Commission Nurses and Officers, May 1865 - Fredericksburg, Virginia

February, 1864: Col. John R. Coxe, A.C.S., and lady, outside winter quarters, Army of the Potomac

June 1864 - April 1865: Women and child outside cottage - siege of Petersburg

April 1865: Washington DC - Central Office Sanitary Commission

April 1865: Washington DC - Buildings of the Sanitary Commission - Home Lodge for Invalid Soldiers, North Capitol near C Street

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