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A full review of imgbox, a free online image hosting service

imgbox is a free image hosting service that stores your photos for a lifetime. You can link directly to the full sized images you upload and not be restricted by bandwidth limitations.

Unlike some sites that store your photos, you don't have to create a free account with, which means you can start uploading your pictures right away.

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What We Like
  • No storage expiration.

  • No bandwidth limitation.

  • Registration isn't required to upload or download.

  • Accepts the most popular image formats.

  • Supports hotlinking.

  • Can upload multiple pictures at once.

  • Downloads retain their name and extension.

What We Don't Like
  • Unable to create a title or description for uploads.

  • Only three file formats are acceptable.

  • Previously created galleries and uploads sometimes don't show up.

Acceptable Image Formats

Imgbox lets you upload the following file types: GIF (still or animated), JPG, PNG. Anything else gets rejected.

If you have a file in a different format, like PSD or TIF, and want to upload it to imgbox, you have to use an image converter to convert the file to one of the acceptable formats listed above. Zamzar and FileZigZag are examples of websites that can do this.

imgbox Limitations

Any image you upload must not exceed the 10 MB file size limit. If you need a bigger size limitation, try Imgur.

Unless the terms of service are violated, photos have no storage expiration date. This sounds just like it seems: images you upload to imgbox have no definite end-of-life period, so you don't have to worry that they'll be taken down after a period of days, months, etc.

Benefits of Registering With imgbox

Making a user account is completely free, and lets you do a few things you can't do as an anonymous user.

Pictures uploaded to imgbox

Without an account, when you upload images, you're constantly asked if they are family safe or contain adult content. You're also asked what size of a thumbnail to create, whether to enable comments and what (if any) gallery the pictures should be added to. If you find yourself changing these settings to the same options with each and every upload, just make a free account to define the default upload settings.

An imgbox account also lets you easily delete your uploads, edit galleries, and comment on photos uploaded by other users.

More About imgbox

  • Thumbnail and full-size links, as well as HTML code and BBCode links, are all shown after the upload
  • When uploading photos, you can specify whether to allow or disable commenting
  • A gallery of your images can be built, and they can contain up to 500 photos
  • Non-registered users are given a delete link so they can remove pictures if they later decide to. The same link can be used to enable/disable comments on the image even after it's been uploaded

Our Thoughts on imgbox

For a hosting service to not impose an expiration on photos is wonderful. This means you can upload your photos and not worry about them becoming unusable because of little to no activity or because too much time has passed since it was uploaded.

Images you save to imgbox retain their original name and extension, which means if you upload a photo called portrait.png, it will also be downloaded as such when someone decides to save your image. This is nice so that it's easy to identify the pictures given that there aren't any title or description settings.

Something we don't like is that imgbox doesn't support other image file formats like TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc. Most other image hosting websites accept more than merely three file types, but at least the ones that are supported are probably enough for most people.

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