Lee Labrada On The Importance of Meal Frequency in Your Bodybuilding Diet

Make Your Bodybuilding Diet More Anabolic by Eating Six Meals

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How To Know If Your Bodybuilding Diet Has Issues?
Why Should Your Bodybuilding Diet Consist of Six Meals?
  1. Boost energy levels: Research on diabetics supports the fact that eating every three hours is one of the best ways to stabilize blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are stable, energy levels increase and are more consistent throughout the day. On the other hand, think of a time when you over-ate to the point where you felt uncomfortable. What happened to your energy levels next? Chances are, an hour or so after eating, you were unconscious on the couch while your body was busy adding an extra layer of fat to your midsection!
  2. Increase mental focus and productivity while decreasing stress: I've found that when my blood sugar levels are stable, I think more clearly and my productivity increases tremendously. In addition, I find that I'm better able to cope with stressful situations as they arise during the day. (Believe me, like many people, I'm no joy to be around if I miss a meal!)
  3. Decrease food cravings and overeating: If you experience severe hunger or food cravings followed by periods of overeating, you're a prime candidate for increasing your meal frequency. Here's a funny story to illustrate my point. In my early 20's I used to share an apartment with my friend Stoney Grimes. Both of us were training for an upcoming bodybuilding show and Stoney started skipping meals in order to lose some extra body fat. Well, just days before the show, Stoney didn't show up for our scheduled workout, so I went looking for him. I found him locked in his car, covered from head to toe in the remains of two dozen boxes of powdered sugar donuts. I mean, the white powdered sugar was everywhere! He got so hungry he completely lost control and literally attacked the "baker's dozen." Bottom line: eat frequently before you get hungry to stop cravings!
  1. Increase assimilation of the foods you eat: (Very important point!)It is my experience that the body can only efficiently assimilate (or "absorb") certain amounts of various nutrients in one sitting. (The amount will vary amongst individuals.) For example, let's say your goal is to ingest 210 grams of protein each day. Your body will better assimilate six meals containing 35 grams of protein each (for a total of 210 grams) rather then two meals containing 105 grams of protein. In a nutshell, by eating protein six times a day, you'll utilize more protein for muscle growth and recovery as compared to eating the same amount of protein over three meals. The same goes for many other nutrients. So, by eating frequent meals, you can protect yourself against the nutritional deficiencies that are quite common in physically active individuals.
  2. Boost Your Metabolism: No kidding. Studies indicate that eating protein rich meals frequently accelerates the metabolism so that you actually burn more calories throughout the day. This is the result of a process called the "thermic effect" of foods. The thermic effect is the energy your body expends to digest and use the food you ingest. This thermic effect is highest for protein, followed by carbs and fats.
    What Should Your Bodybuilding Diet Consist Of?
    How Can I Eat 6 Meals a Day?
    1. Pick up your phone book. Look under culinary schools. Call a few to locate a chef that can prepare you great tasting, low-fat foods. I've done this in the past and it's a real time saver (they bring the food to you in containers each week) and not much more expensive than eating out.
    2. Pick two days a week to prepare large amounts of food yourself. Pack meal-sized portions of food in Zip-Loc bags, then freeze them and thaw as needed. (Look for high-protein, low-fat recipes in your favorite magazines.)
    3. Use convenient meal replacement drink mixes and bars as meal substitutes throughout the day. (I eat three regular meals and have two to three Lean Body Meal Replacement Drink Mixes, and a Lean Body Bar, every day.)
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