Incident at Ghost Lake

Amir investigate a reputedly haunted lake... and is confronted by the ghost of an old woman

This is true incident happened to me when I was 21 years old. My house was very far away from the town in a rural area, and there was a lake nearby. On my way to my house, I would pass the lake on my motor bike when I returned from the office.

I heard a many things from the people about that lake from my childhood onwards.

I heard there is a ghost in that lake that comes out and drags people inside the water and kills them if they are passing alone. A lot of such incidents happened before, so I was warned by everyone not to go through that way alone at night. But I didn't pay any attention to their warnings because I didn't believe in ghosts and those kinds of stories. So I continued to pass through there as always and didn't see anything nor was I harmed by any supernatural thing.

One Friday night, I was returning home on my bike as usual. When I neared the lake, my bike suddenly shut off and I was stopped there. It was totally strange to me. I didn't understand how it shut off because everything was okay.

I tried to start it once again, but it would not start. Now I was getting a little worried and frightened because there was no one out there and it was completely dark. There was no moon in the sky.

Suddenly I heard the barking of dogs around that place where I was standing.

I was getting worried and worried, not knowing what to do. I was still trying to start my bike, but it was not working at that moment. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, and when I turned back, my heart stopped for a minute.

There was an old lady in a white dress and long hair that reached down to her feet.

Her eyes were red and she was moving towards me. I was feeling like getting heart attack. I was not able to even move from that place, nor was I able to scream as loud I wanted to.

I thought it was all over. She was going to kill me. Am going to die? I was praying to God in my mind for help when suddenly I heard the sound of a car. It stopped when it reached me. At the same moment, the lady was disappeared.

A young man came out of the car and asked me why I was standing there alone and why I looked so frightened. I was not even able to move my tongue in order to tell him what happened, but somehow I controled my mind, reduced my fear, and told him the full incident.

He was shocked hearing this. He helped me to start my bike, and somehow I reached home. I was ill for some weeks after this incident and recovered only after a long time. Today I don't go even at day time near that lake.

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