Incredible Texas UFO Encounter

While driving in Texas one night, Frank encounters a UFO that has a remarkable effect on his truck

This happened on July 21, 2011. I was on my way home after spending the whole day in the town of Alice, Texas. I'm a construction worker and I was looking at some possible jobs. I went to three homes that day. I talked to the owners to see what they wanted done and gave them an estimate.

It was 6:00 in the evening when I started heading back to Beeville, but before I got on the main highway, I stopped at a restaurant and had some dinner along with a couple of beers.

It was almost 8:00 when I started down the highway.

It was beginning to get dark and as I drove I went over the job numbers in my mind. One of them was very promising with the potential of making a good profit. I called my partner on my phone and discussed the details of the jobs with him. I told him we'd get together tomorrow and hung up.

I was halfway to Beeville when I noticed up ahead some moving white lights that were on the left side of the road. The area I was in gets very dark at night and those dancing lights were the only thing visible against the black background. And there was no other traffic on the road besides myself.

As I got closer, the lights started changing colors. They went from white to green, blue and then red. When I was adjacent to the lights, I slowed down to get a better look. Then I stopped. I thought maybe it was another vehicle or something. The lights were bright and would move up and down, then move in a circular motion.

I would say the lights were about a quarter mile away, but it was hard to judge the distance in the dark.

I started thinking about the stories and reports I've read about people who've seen UFOs, aliens, strange lights in the sky and all that stuff and began to conclude I might be having my own encounter.

I turned off the engine, leaving my headlights on and rolled down my window in an effort to hear any sound coming from the lights. I heard nothing. It was kind of spooky. The lights were zig-zagging, going up and down, when suddenly they grouped together and became motionless, like they were aware of me.

Slowly, they started to get brighter and I realized they were coming toward me. I decided I'd had enough and started my truck, but soon as I did, my engine died. I tried starting it again, but it wouldn't start properly; the engine was sluggish. I turned off the headlights, thinking maybe that would help. Meanwhile the lights turned into a gold color and were still getting brighter. I tried again to start the engine and this time it did.

Then a startling thing happened. When I turned my headlights on, their beams started to bend toward the approaching lights! I kid you not! I've never seen the likes of that before. Is that even possible? I put it into drive and got the hell out of there. The beams straightened out as I punched it. I kept looking back in my mirror at the lights, and when they came in line with the highway, I saw the same effect of them getting brighter, which meant they were following me.

Now I was scared. I was thinking, What are they? Are they some kind of aircraft or what? My speed was up to 80 miles per hour and I was beginning to sweat like a dog. I looked in my mirror again and now there was only one light, but that was a false impression because the lights were traveling in a single-file formation. They caught up and passed over me, one after the other, lighting up the interior of my truck in a golden hue. The lights went on down the highway ahead of me reflecting their brightness off the ground.

I slowed down and let them have the road. As I did, the lights made a left turn in that same single-file formation and headed toward the east. Again my headlight beams started to bend in their direction. Simply amazing! The strange lights continued on their easterly path until they were obscured from my view by, I imagine, some hills.

All this time my headlight beams would start to bend then straighten out, then start to bend again. Incredible!

I didn't see the golden lights anymore for the remainder of my trip. I was very shaken up by the whole experience and I was so relieved when I finally reached home, let me tell you.

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