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The Independent American Party is a minor Constitution-based party with limited influence, and is not to be confused with the large percentage of voters who consider themselves "independents." The most recent electoral activity for the party was a 2012 US Senate race in New Mexico where the IAP candidate received just under 4% of the vote. That candidate, John Barrie, was also the founder of the New Mexico chapter of the American Independent Party. After formally registering the party, they were granted direct ballot access for two election cycles. After he lost the Senate race, Barrie left the NM-IAP and joined the similar Constitution Party, likely because the IAP would be unable to gain ballot access after the "freebies."

The party website currently directs potential candidates to register as write-in candidates if they live in the state of Utah. The party's Facebook page is dedicated to sharing news links about constitutional issues and has limited information on party-related events. The party likely attracts a number of curious visitors due to having "independent" in the name of their party. The National Chairman is Kelly Gneiting, a 5-time US champion sumo wrestler who also holds a Guinness World Record for being the heaviest man to finish a marathon.

Mission Statement

"To promote: respect for life, liberty and property; strong traditional families; patriotism; and individual, state and national sovereignty — with a strong reliance on the Declaration of Independence and allegiance to the Constitution for the United States of America —by petition to God and by political and educational means."


Founded in 1998, the IAP is a Protestant Christian theocratic political party. It initially existed in several Western states and is a remnant of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace's once-powerful American Independent Party. Converting the unaffiliated IAP state party organizations into a national IAP organization was an effort started by members of Utah IAP. The Idaho IAP and Nevada IAP subsequently affiliated with the fledgling US-IAP in late 1998. The party subsequently established small chapters in 15 other states, and it now has contacts in every other state. Most of the IAP activities remain in Utah, however. In 1996 and 2000, the various IAP state parties endorsed the Constitution Party nominee for president and in 2000, the national chairman questioned the IAP's future in presidential elections.

The party has focused its attention more on activism in the last eight years and has almost completely withdrawn from fielding local, state or federal candidates. Since 2002, the IAP has endorsed Constitution Party candidates and other conservative third party nominees.

The IAP's platform calls for:

  • The immediate termination of all programs of foreign aid, whether military or non-military, to all foreign governments
  • Immediate withdrawal from the UN and Nato
  • The repeal of all federal gun legislation and state firearm laws which are not in accordance with the US Constitution
  • Strong immigration reform including the repeal of amnesty laws and the prompt deportation of all illegal aliens and a clarification of the 14th Amendment that does not recognize the US citizenship of children born to illegal immigrants on US soil
  • English as America’s official language
  • The passage of a balanced budget amendment
  • Raising tariffs on imported goods and a ban on all imported goods produced by child labor
  • Protecting the ocean and fishing rights
  • Eliminate regulations that artificially impede the production of domestic oil while enacting a transition to alternative fuels
  • Protecting the right to life for all US citizens, including the unborn
  • People have the right to choose their health care providers and have quality health care and no one has the right to make decisions that result in the death of the patient
  • Outlawing cloning and the development of genetic mutations
  • Parents have the right to choose how their children are educated
  • Restoration of god to the public square
  • Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman only
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