Independent Study French

Tips and tools for independent French students

Learning French on your own? The Learn French at About site has all kinds of tools and resources for independent learners.

Assess Your French
Unless you're an absolute beginner, you could probably use some help figuring out what you know and don't know about French. These tests can help you figure out where you are and where to go from here.

French proficiency test
Figure out your level with this online test.

See how well you do with these shorter tests on various topics.

Find out how your study habits measure up.

Learn French

French for beginners
If you're a beginner, this is the place to start.

French grammar glossary
If you can't remember the difference between an adjective and an adverb - or if you never learned it in the first place - check out the French grammar glossary, which offers simple definitions of hundreds of terms as well as links to more detailed lessons.

French lessons
Hundreds and hundreds of lessons on every French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation topic under the sun.

French audio lab
Thousands of sound files to help you understand spoken French.

Learning French as an adult
Some guidelines to help you learn French as an adult.

What's the best way to learn French?
A comparison of various options.

Why learn French?
If you ever get discouraged or start wondering what prompted you to learn French in the first place, check this out.

Practice and Perfect Your French

Daily French
Practicing French every day is key to becoming fluent. Here are various daily French features as well as tips on incorporating French into your daily life.

Make your own flashcards
A portable way to practice your new vocabulary.

French listening comprehension
One of the downsides to independent study is lack of interaction with others, which means that listening and speaking practice can be hard to come by.

But for the former, at least, there is a solution - check out these online French listening comprehension activities.

Practice writing in a French journal, organize your notes in a language scrapbook, do a webquest , or try some other French project.

Common French mistakes
As an independent learner, it's possible that you are making mistakes without realizing it. Here are some of the most common French mistakes for you to consider.

There's no reason that you can't have fun while you learn. These online French games put your French to the test in familiar game formats like Hangman and Concentration.

French Tools
A selection of on- and off-line tools to supplement your French learning.

French verb conjugator
Even after you've studied and learned all kinds of rules about French verb conjugations, there are still times when you just can't remember whether a verb is irregular. Here are all of the simple conjugations for hundreds of French verbs, plus links to related lessons.

The Subjunctivator!
Does it need the subjunctive? Ask the Subjunctivator!

Take advantage of free online French dictionaries, or read my reviews to find the book or software program that's right for you.

Online translators
Use with extreme caution.

Product reviews
Need a grammar book or a set of audio tapes? Read my reviews of the best offline French tools.

French Community
Even if you're determined to learn French on your own, you still need someone to practice with.

Alliance française
Find out if there's one near you.

French club
If there are no French clubs where you live, maybe you should consider starting one of your own.

Overcoming speaking anxiety
Don't be too nervous to speak.

Questions and Answers
If you have a question that you just can't find the answer to or want to ask for corrections on something you've written or translated, the French forums are the place - native and non-native speakers will be happy to help. You can also drop in just to chat with Francophones from around the world. There are five forums:
   French for beginners - Ask anything and everything
   À la française - The main forum is bilingual
   Le Carrefour francophone - En français, s'il vous plaît
   Profs de français - Where teachers can trade lesson plans and tips
   French pen pals - Find someone to exchange emails with

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