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Art Therapy Masterpieces

Collage of Healing Art
Collage of Healing Art. Canva

The Inner Artist Art Gallery is a showplace of reader submitted photographs of their healing art creations. Art therapy is an activity that heals the heart and soul. It creates an outlet to vent your fears or express your innermost emotions. Displayed here are the results of art therapy at its very best.

Have you ever created art (sketches, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, sewing projects, or some other art medium) as a therapeutic endeavor? If you would like to have one of your art therapy creations considered for inclusion in the Inner Artist Art Gallery please private message me in Facebook along with your story and attachment.

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The Seer

The Seer. Primal Painter, Laurie Bain

The Seer is an original painting by Laurie Bain, AKA Primal Painter.

Laurie says: "The Seer lives in the subconscious world of dreams where guidance and inspiration swirl in a sea of abstract colors, patterns and imagery. Predominantly purple, she represents the third eye, or sixth chakra which governs our intuition.

The intention for the The Seer is to help us go within, to access and interpret the flashes of insight that come through our intuition and dreams. She helps us to separate fact from fiction and to develop confidence in the truth of our intuitions.

All of my art is connected to the Source and is infused with the energetic vibrations of Reiki healing energy, light and love in the form of colors and patterns. People who are sensitive to energy, might feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, goosebumps or a lift in mood and well being.

It's hard to explain how I do it but I'll try! I turn off my brain, set my ego aside, connect with the Source, and allow pure energy to flow through the top of my head, through my hands and eyes and into my art. It feels like I have a hot bright lamp shining on the top of my head, my hands tingle and seem to know what to do without any mental interference from me. It's a form of meditation, and is always very healing."

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The Little Child and The Red Balloon

The Little Child and The Red Balloon
The Little Child and The Red Balloon. Debby Kirby

This touching painting "The Little Child and The Red Balloon" was donated by UK-based artist, Debby Kirby, to the Newtown Memorial Fund

Debby says: "I feel that my gift is God given and I have been blessed. I spend the majority of my creative time giving my Art to libraries."

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Red Cross

Red Cross Collage. © Scott K Smith

This image is the collaborative effort of historic photos, scientific imaging, and photographic expertise of a photographer from the Red Cross blood services, edited, enhanced, and collage by Scott K Smith.

Scott says:

Most of these images come together quite on their own, in the moment of processing all of the information I never can quite tell what will come of the collaborative effort between me and source / inspiration.

The image that you see eventually became a screened background issue for a magazine called PULSE (Southern California Red Cross Blood Services). It is a collage of topics in image such as HIV/ Aids research and treatments; Dr. Charles R Drew, and a child from Africa (undisclosed country) who were for me, central to the topic of blood, health, and the quest for a cure.

The child becomes central to the imagery, framed between red blood cells, and Dr. Drew, surrounded by the jungle a place of many cures, transformed by both the natural health and life energy of the world, and the power of inspired humankind seeking, in faith and science for the betterment of all peoples.

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In My Womb

In My Womb. kavita Nayar

kavita Nayar says:

I am a freelance artist who makes paintings in oils and acrylics, does etchings, Lithographs and silkscreens. I miss my daughter. I have to constantly keep creating to heal my heart and soul.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Through these works I remain connected to my daughter who is no more in my physical world. I get a feel of strong spiritual connection when I am drawing the lotus flower with the unborn foetus. Till two hrs back I had no idea why I was painting or drawing lotus flowers with the foetus. I just learned that lotus represents divine birth and creation itself. Stem of the lotus is shown as the umbilical cord connected to the foetus. It leaves me perplexed... but it is also healing.

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Mythycal Garden

Mythycal Garden. Artist: Kattya Glavina K.

Kattya Glavina K says:

My Art is intuitive and embedded in the natural progression. I consider myself a Fusion Visionary artist. Painting is taking me in a journey of self discover and it gives me the direction and tools to help others. I love the mystical and the magical messages of the trees, sacred geometric, symbols and belly dancers. Mostly I create Art with healing energy channel through colors, shapes and symbols that I feel my clients and friends resonated with or sometimes it just unfolds all on its own.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I usually start my painting sessions with an intention and ask for inner guidance, I prepared my canvas and observe the canvas until it reveals lines or forms, then I know what to do, it simply flows and the piece is brought to light, sometimes I have to leave it at a point for a few days until the insight that I call for to complete the piece comes to me. I like it to be an effortless and natural process.

I started painting a few years ago when my marriage came to an end and I felt lost in a foreign country and with two kids, but with the divine guidance I am now living a creative life and have time to be and enjoy my children.

Lessons Learned

  • When I paint joy and the sense of service are both present in the creative journey.
  • When a painting is done I am in a state of gratefulness to the universe for allowing me to transmit messages into my canvas that are making a difference in my life and into others.
  • Only positive feelings are present when a project is completed and the awareness that I am part of the creative forces.
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Crown Chakra

Stream of Consciousness.

"Stream of Consciousness" painting of the crown chakra by award-winning poet Tameko Barnett

Tameko Barnett says I have dabbled with painting and other forms of artwork as well over the years. Healing art means many things to me - it can be a modality such as Reiki, but it also means music, books, paintings, sculptures as well. Healing art is a wonderful way to heal one's self from the inside out. My "Inner Artist" Process I was on vacation from work in 2008 and all of a sudden decided to buy some 8x10 canvases and start painting. I already had brushes and paints of all kinds, so it was just a matter of going with the flow. It was quite spontaneous. I didn't plan it ahead of time at all. I guess I would call it, "stream of consciousness" artwork.

Lessons Learned

  • It is very healing. It's meant to be because it's about the Root chakra and Crown Chakra, which is about being grounded and centered.
  • Feeling secure and safe in the world of a uncertainty. It brings me joy to look at it because it reminds me to be grounded.
  • The Crown teaches me to live as the spiritual being that I am.
  • The Root teaches me to live the human experiences in peace and strive for harmony and balance.
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Glowing Energy Body

Luminous Goddess in Slumber.

lizard57 says:

I've always been an 'art appreciator' but had not found a way to express myself artistically. Then I was diagnosed with a possible life threatening illness and during my recuperation I took a 'just for fun' art therapy workshop. It was so much fun that I pulled out some of my late mother's pastels and started doodling. . . and things started happening. Pictures formed from a single curved line on the page. The more I draw the better I felt and the more I drew. I am much happier and feel so much more positive about my future.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

My Sleeping Goddess was started as a simple figure 8 on the page. I used a yellow pastel and drew it over and over again. I knew that I wanted an image of a person, a glowing energy body. And as I worked on this figure 8 shape I felt it should be sleeping body surrounded and held by light and dark. A luminous figure where you could see the chakras radiating through just a bit. I have drawn many more of the goddesses in slumber but I still like this first one the best.

Lessons Learned

  • Just have fun, that is the most important lesson. It doesn't matter if the work is any good or not. Have fun with the colors, with the drawing and with yourself.
  • When others ask 'What is it?' just smile and ask them what they see. See it with their eyes. Hand them a piece of paper and ask them to join you. It may open you up even more to the process of creating.
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Inner Child Therapy

Baby Bird.

M. E. MacLaren says: 

My healing art is a deck of Inner Child Healing Cards that I created. The deck evolved out of two drawings that my inner child made during my own healing work. My spirit guides then encouraged me to create a whole deck of cards because there is so much healing energy coming from my art to the viewer. I am also a Reiki Master and this energy is in the deck. The cards picture children from infancy to age 10 in a variety of childhood situations, some happy, some traumatic. The purpose of the deck is to bring old childhood memories to the surface so that they can be looked at again, reevaluated as an adult and processed.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

My drawings were created after I asked one of my inner children if she would tell me about an early part of my life that I don’t recall. When I was an infant, my parents got sick and could no longer take care of me so I was left in an institution. I was there until I was four and a half.

I have very little memory of this time, so I asked my child if she could/would tell me anything about our experience then. I invited her to sit on my lap with me at the kitchen table and use pencils and magic markers to make a drawing about that time if she wanted to. She did and surprised me with several very poignant drawings. Every time I look at the drawings I’m able to bring up and release some of the sadness and fear attached to the abandonment I felt as a child. These drawings and others in the deck have been very powerful healing tools for me.

Lessons Learned

  • I am very proud of my drawings and card deck. It provides a full range of emotions, from joy to fear to feeling loved and supported. It is not only a valuable healing resource for me; it can be used by anyone. We all have inner children, many of whom are waiting and hoping to hear from us. The cards are direct links to their feelings and provide a way for them to communicate directly with us.
  • The deck is also a powerful tool for therapists, 12 step groups, school social workers and oncology support groups.
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Goddess Beads

Whitehorse Woman says:

These are the things I do and they speak about who I am. I do pottery on a wheel and do mostly raku firings. I do basketry, reed, pineneedle and gourd. I make glass beads and do some fused glass pendants.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I also bead anything that is still long enough. I have been holding circle (group gatherings for prayer and healings) in my home for several years now. I teach about the medicine wheel, the spiral and walking in balance. Every once in awhile someone will talk me into teaching on one of my creative things.

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Self Reflections

Recovering Alcoholic Embraces Art Therapy.

Recovering alcoholic and drug addict, Kalihwiyostha Thompson, says:

I'm a single parent of 4 children and 2 pets. I come from a nation of strong and resilient people, who have endured much over the years.. I am very proud of my Iroquois heritage.

For me healing art means allowing myself to express my deepest feelings in a way that suits me, not worrying about what other people think, or even if anyone else will understand it. It's for me. It's allowing myself to be free of any constraints, and its the process of working through my feelings in a healthy way, at my own pace.

My "Inner Artist" Process

This process started when I first decided to make a lifestyle change. I needed to find a connection, and figure out what it was that I came here to do. I wanted to know what it was inside of me that inhibited my growth, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and creatively. For I always knew I had certain skills. I was just afraid to use them. Along my journey I've had many revelations.. Being connected to spirit/source being the most amazing!:)

Lessons Learned

I feel very proud of my finished piece, it's a reflection of myself. When I look at it, it reminds me of the great joy I felt when I allowed myself to feel connected to the universe. For me its a good reminder, that keeps me on my healing journey.

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Visionary Art. Beth Budesheim

Beth Budesheim says:

I create art with healing intentions both for myself and for others, including healing mandalas, visionary paintings, and personal commissions.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I see inner pictures, energy in metaphors and symbol, and waking/sleeping dreams. This often has been the beginnings of a piece. Then I continue by working intuitively, following a flow and listening to the piece, and what wants to come through.

Lessons Learned

  • Trust the urges in the moment.
  • Trust intuition, by doing so, the piece of art speaks back and offers more than was originally pre-conceived.
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Completion Within Self

healing art
healing art. Malvika.vazalwar

Malvika.vazalwar says:

I love to explore, learn and listen. Self-expression in the form of writing, painting and whistling helps me seek my truth.

Healing art: Allowing and enabling your overflowing positive energy to be imprinted from one medium (yourself) to another (canvas, etc.), and creating a life which breathes and heals independently. It has the artist’s essence of uniqueness with the divine essence of healing, a beautiful mix which is the outcome of those fleeting moments when the artist is beyond herself to meet with the supreme. The creation must heal both the artist and the audience, unlike Picasso's art which served him alone.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

The situation: I was sincerely happy for a colleague who announced his engagement and wanted to paint him a wish. I had just broken-up from someone who was my best friend, and knew the significance of a relationship blooming into a life partnership.

The feeling: I felt sheer wonder about two people wanting to share a life together. Would I ever enjoy a barrier-free relationship, would I ever allow someone to know me totally? I had many questions.

With a paint brush in my hand, colors in my heart and questions in my mind I set out to find what my idea of a marriage was and what was stopping me from seeking a commitment.

While painting, my deeply held beliefs took form, drenched in paint I saw what I understand of a marriage - 'A celebration. A completion. A joyful rest in each other's embrace before beginning the next phase of life. The ultimate reward.'

A celebration of finding your soul mate. But the look on the face of the woman I had painted seemed to be surreal, she was content. I didn't look like her.

I realized, to find someone who was on the same page and head towards a common purpose with similar beliefs, first we need to integrate our lessons that help throw light on the meaning behind our story.

We need to worship our own gods (strengths) and fight our own demons (flaws). This is what I needed to do to step in a barrier-free and just relationship: Have no doors closed.

I realized I had to come to terms with my own truth in order to fine-tune it, and own up my shallow side in order to release it. The look on the woman's face was of someone who had lived this journey and come to a certain closure. I realized I didn't have that look, yet.

The artwork: The painting depicts a celebration, long due. Two people who longed for the end of one phase - the search within, also because they saw it coming as 'the ultimate reward'. An embrace between two people who have worked a lot on themselves - on soul searching.

It depicts a moment of 'completion' individually in their lives, where they realized their self, they pause and rest in each other's embrace, before the next phase - being together as co-creators of life.

Lessons Learned

  • I was inspired to seek balance between my ferocious desire to be independent and my longing to be in a forever lasting nurturing relationship.
  • I got insight to my fears and inhibitions that limited me from expressing myself to someone close to me.
  • I felt the urge to accept myself even more to be in a barrier free relationship.
  • I saw what I understood of a marriage. 'A celebration. A completion. A joyful rest & surrender in each other's embrace - The ultimate reward.'
  • I felt joy for what lay in front of me, it was not only a wish for my friend, it looked a lot like I had painted a bright future for myself too.
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Expressing Emotions

dodmanp's says:

I began painting over 40 years ago, to make visible the images and feelings that came to me in dreams and meditation. Over time, I found that I needed to do this less and less, and that painting such an image prevented me from 'seeing' it again. If I had a nightmare or a bad feeling such as anger, I could paint it and it would never come back. The original image or feeling was exorcised, although it had become 'fixed' in paint.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I wait for a feeling or image to come to me that cannot be expressed any other way, then I sketch it quickly in pencil or pastels, so that I can't lose it. Then I paint it in acrylics. If the inspiration was just a feeling rather than an image, I would play with different ways to express it with felt tip pens or pastels, until I had something that felt right. Then I would sometimes develop it in acrylics, but often the therapeutic process would have been served by the first stage.

Lessons Learned

  • While I painted something good and magical that I had 'seen' or imagined, the act of painting replaced the original, glowing, evanescent image with a clumsy copy. Sometimes the copy would be quite beautiful, but because I had to paint it quickly, it was of poor quality artistically.
  • When I painted something to exorcise it, the result would be so depressing to look at that it had to be kept in a cupboard!
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Sketch Journaling

Marcia Byrd says:

Art has been my therapy for years. I discovered that when I'm overwhelmed by life in general, or dealing with a tough situation, I handle it much better if I do something creative with all that depressing energy and feeling of hopelessness. Now, if I find myself with anger, frustration, or just too much going on in my life, I grab my paints, pencils, other art materials along with my sketch book journal and am able to fly away to a more peaceful place without leaving home!

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I gather my sketch pad/art journal, bright colors (water color pencils, brush markers and fineline markers), sometimes a few quotes that seem to fit the situation and create a bright journal page. Sometimes I make a background by writing my thoughts in a stream of conciousness manner - filling the page in "landscape" or horizontal orientation, then I turn the book half way around to "portrait" (vertical) and keep writing over what I had written before. This makes a great background, gets those thoughts and feelings out through the pen and when you're done, no one can read the angst on the page.

Lessons Learned

  • Art is the only way to escape without leaving home.
  • I usually feel more calm after this exercise.
  • I recognize and accept that I really AM an artist.
  • Bright colors bring me joy.
  • I cannot leave a sketch book or notebook cover naked. I paste watercolor paper to it and let my creativity soar - taking worries and concerns and regrets to float away.
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Quilt Scrapbook

Granny's Quilt's Scrapbook
Granny's Quilt's Scrapbook. Phylameana lila Desy

The real artist in my scrapbook project is my mother who sewed dozens of quilts in a span of 35 years. Last Christmas was a quilt bonanza when mom decided to give them all away. I had no idea she had so many of them tucked away. Daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were the happy recipients of her stash of beautiful quilts. Mom told me once that each time she looked at one of her quilts that memories would come flooding in about the things she had experienced in the weeks or months she was working on it. Her quilts are like snapshots in time for her.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

On Christmas Day when mom's stack of quilts were being distributed among her clan members I overheard my husband ask her if she had ever taken photos of all her quilts. Her quick answer was "Oh, heavens no." Her lofty response planted a seed in my brain. I later recruited my three sisters to email me digital photos of their quilts. Not only the quilts that we were given on Christmas, but also photos of any quilts she had gifted them and their children with in past years. I asked for an assortment of quilt poses. In the photos some of the quilts were hung as wall displays, others were laid across beds or sofas. I cropped, printed, and got busy with my scrapbooking project. I had asked family members to include themselves in some of the photos so the quilt scrapbook would be a mix of quilt and family photos. Some did, but others were a bit shy, but that didn't stop me from placing cutouts of people from some of my collection of old family photos and pasting them into the scrapbook pages. My plan was to get this project underway as a gift for mom from all of her four daughters for Mother's Day. Mission Accomplished!

Lessons Learned

  • Viewing the scrapbook afterwards gave me a strong sense of pride, not for myself, but for my mother. She is an amazing woman, so creative.
  • Planning out the individual pages was sort of like designing a quilt except with paper and photos rather than cloth.
  • I imagined my mother's muse was helping me choose colors schemes and design for each of the pages.
  • I love my mom!!!
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Blue Glass

Blue Chain Beaded Pendant.

Whitehorse Woman says:

I do pottery on a wheel and do mostly raku firings. I do basketry, reed, pineneedle and gourd. I make glass beads and do some fused glass pendants.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I also bead anything that is still long enough. I have been holding circle (group gatherings for prayer and healings) in my home for several years now. I teach about the medicine wheel, the spiral and walking in balance. Every once in awhile someone will talk me into teaching on one of my creative things.

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Patchwork Heart

Holistic Nurse Uses Painting as Process of Healing.

Frank Wisdom says:

I am a holistic nurse who likes to express myself and my creativity through painting. The piece I am sharing here is called the Patchwork Heart.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Artistic process for healing. I began a journey of painting to reveal what was lying beneath my conscious awareness last year. It was a wonderful experience as each new layer was revealed. Before painting I would sit quietly and connect with my inner spirit and passion. After painting I sat with my journal and wrote about what had come up during the creation of the piece and what the finished image was saying to me.

Amazing insights have been revealed to me through this process.

Lessons Learned

  • All the cracks and fissures left on our hearts from the losses create a patchwork of our lives imprinted upon our hearts.
  • This is not something to hide from and bury. We need to rejoice in the joys and remain open to the the challenges and pain. It is all a part of our journey in this life, the lessons we are to learn and grow from.
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Autumn Peaks

Dimond Miner says:

I use art to take the energy produced by anger to create something beautiful. I also channel extra energy away from me to keep extra energy from forming into a seizure. I know this sounds wacky but it works pretty well.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I begin with a sky, then paint mountains and streams. I also love to do desert scenes too. But what I really like to do is birds. Here I go get pictures of birds from calendars. Then I place them into a scene I like to see.

Lessons Learned

  • I love my finished pieces. I am amazed at how well they turn out since I haven't taken art lessons.
  • I have started by watching Bob Ross though.
  • The lessons I have learned about painting is it allows you to escape all the seriousness of the world.
  • While in the process of painting I lose myself in it and lose my problems too.
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Waxed Linen Basket

Handmade beaded mini-basket.

Whitehorse Woman says:

I cannot sit still and do nothing. It is not in me. I have to have my hands busy even if I am watching television. I have aged my hands and eyes are not as good as when I was younger so I have had to find other things to do so I can sit for any length of time. Making waxed linen baskets is my new way of sitting still.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Focus. What I have found is that when you focus on something then other things fade away. For me that is discomfort. My muscles do not relax at any time so they cause pain and discomfort for me. I focus on making these baskets while I sit so that I am not noticing the pain or not noticing it as intently if I were not focusing on something else. I may rip out many rows as I try to form patterns. I take past projects I have created with beads and try to work those patterns into my baskets. Some work, some don't. It is fun trying no matter if I end up with a basket or not.

Lessons Learned

What I have learned depends upon each basket as they are all teachers. The first one I made took a very long time to finish because I could not figure out how to do the rim without the threads working their way loose or showing badly. I had moved on and made several other baskets before it was finished. I finally figured out a way that I was happy with. This taught me to stick to it even when I felt like just tossing it. It was kinda like me at this stage of life: Something that takes longer to get done but still a work of beauty.

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Intuitive Artwork

Dorothy says:

I believe healing art is intuitive art. It is a release of emotional energy that gives way towards creation.

My "Inner Artist" Process

When I'm painting, my artwork is meditative and transcendental. I have no preconceived idea of what I'll be painting but instead I allow the energy to direct my brush. It all happens in the moment as the brush glides on the canvas, taking whatever motion and shape that is meant to happen.

Lessons Learned

I always seem to paint a picture for the right person--the painting is always meant to be given to someone in particular. I never keep my paintings.

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Colored Pencil Drawings

Art Therapy
Art Therapy. By Cédric AJAVON

Cédric Ajavon says:

I feel like a young man who is looking for something sepcial.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I like drawing everything that pops up out of my mind. I can't explain the process but it is something special that have the power to give people some kind of awareness. My art of drawing with colored pencils is for me a way to encounter myself and to meet other people. I am just going to say that my art can resonate in some profound level of some or every human being. That looks weird or silly sometimes. It is only you who can tell how it is and what it is for you.

Lessons Learned

  • I feel very happy to express my art.
  • It is like I have given to the world something special and I am more calm and zen.
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Eagle Glass Painting

Artist: mij60

mij60 says: 

I am a 50 year old male. Healing art to me is a moving meditation. I have been doing this since 18 years old. It is always for someone else. I have never sold one. I have never painted myself one.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Whenever I feel appreciation for somebody a vision of a picture comes to mind, then I paint. I paint on glass. The picture is done on the backside and then when you turn it over there it is. There are not 200 words that come to mind. I appreciate somebody, I receive, I paint. I appreciate, I receive, I paint. Afterwards I always set it a few feet away and am amazed. I always think "Where did that come from?" "How did I do that?" Although I do know who did that, it always amazes me.

Lessons Learned

  • I am pleased that it comes through me.
  • I provide the hands and materials, Spirit is the artist.
  • I never call myself an artist. I just say that I am a painter.
  • Painting provides joy and is always healing.
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Healing Art Therapy Helps PTSD

Art Therapy
Art Therapy. Audrey Clarke

Audrey Clarke says:

I am a Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD due to MST... no matter what I did or how hard I tried, I could not move past being stuck or scared! Healing Art Therapy helps me to focus on the good that is within me while tuning out the negative thoughts and emotions.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I was attending a Women's PTSD Support Group when Art Therapy was introduced to us. I was feeling very low and very bad about myself. The therapist suggested we look at magazine clips and find one that we could relate to, one that touched us deeply. Then I see a pic of this eagle. What I really saw was a woman that has been for centuries a dangerous species. One that has beat some pretty horrible odds and still without fear she soars high in the sky. Not as in vanity but in sincerity she strives to not only Survive for herself but for the Love of her offspring.

I felt and saw myself in that picture as the person that I would like to become. I was completely focused on sketching this woman bird. That time, place, and my circumstances for being there faded away! I looked at the bird's eye and saw unwavering faith and determination. I wanted to be like that so I drew her eye as feminine, yet strong. After having a really bad set back, I decided I wanted to be Her feathers which are colorful because women are very diverse. She is from everywhere and can live anywhere because she is a survivor.

Lessons Learned

  • I keep the picture on my nightstand, because each day I see it, I smile!*
  • Really* In creating this I was able to embrace what it meant to be a "Survivor". Against all odds, I like the eagle is still here.
  • I learned to focus the negative energy into creating art that is meaningful to me in ways that make me feel proud to be able to get it done.
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Red Poppy

Art Therapy
Art Therapy. Toni Robinette

Toni Robinette says:

Looking inside of a flower and seeing the symmetry and perfection that nature provides reminds me of the power of nature in the universe and on us as spirits in this world.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I have to find a flower with beauty and color. There has to be a connection between my mind and my heart. There has to be excitement in taking the picture and sharing it. I used a Cannon 30D SLR with a macro lens. The poppy is one I grew.

Lessons Learned

  • Sunshine stands for the storage of energy for life reflecting off the leaves.
  • Red of the petals is the life force.
  • The inner symmetry is the balance of nature and human life.
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Angels of Clarity

Art Therapy
Art Therapy. Christine Pennington

Christine Pennington says:

I began doing watercolors again after being diagnosed with a debilitating and potentially life threatening disease in October of 2009. Though I had dabbled with watercolors before, it became clear that these were different. I had already been a channel for The Lightspeakers and an Angel intuitive for some time but because of the diagnosis I was feeling a bit disconnected. As soon as I started these new paintings, the messages began, and I was told to put them on the artwork itself. As I did, I could clearly see images of Angels within the expressionistic forms.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I usually feel a strong pull to gather my materials though I have no idea what the painting will look like or even what colors I will use. I simply begin with a color and watch the forms take shape, as I tune in and receive the messages.

Lessons Learned

I feel both joy and healing energy coming through the completed piece, a feeling of wholeness. I also always feel a strong desire to share it with others that are feeling frightened, lost or alone, whether it be because of a physical disease or an emotional issue. I hope that they will receive the same strong sense of knowing when they see it. The recognition that they are never alone, that they have power available to them and there are wonderful beings sent by The Light who bring each of us assistance and the grace of love.

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Art Therapy
Art Therapy Art Therapy. nanassart

nana says:

About My Healing Art 

it's a feeling
connect with yourself
and the world unfolds
connect with yourself
feel the energy
and without
feel the love
and without
be one
with the universe
be part of
all the beauty
that abounds

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I connect with myself
I choose my music
I stretch in all directions
breathing deep
through resistance
letting it all go
I look around my studio 
and am grateful
for all that I am
I add layers upon layers of graphite
I push it around
at one point a subject emerges 
and is kissed by the

Lessons Learned

  • stop trying so hard
  • everything we need to know is within us
  • just connect, that's the key
  • take the time to connect, breathe, appreciate, allow
  • I love this drawing, as it is a feeling, I look at it and smile
  • I practice Reiki and meditation often
  • I have learned how to heal myself, by allowing the universal loving energies in, by allowing myself to simply be my best of self
  • I look at this drawing and connect with the beauty of life
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Angel with Halo

I appreciate somebody, I receive, I paint. I appreciate, I receive, I paint.

mij60 says: 

I am a 50 year old male. Healing art to me is a moving meditation. I have been doing this since 18 years old. It is always for someone else. I have never sold one. I have never painted myself one.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Whenever I feel appreciation for somebody a vision of a picture comes to mind, then I paint. I paint on glass. The picture is done on the backside and then when you turn it over there it is. There are not 200 words that come to mind. I appreciate somebody, I receive, I paint. I appreciate, I receive, I paint. Afterwards I always set it a few feet away and am amazed. I always think "Where did that come from?" "How did I do that?" Although I do know who did that, it always amazes me.

Lessons Learned

  • I am pleased that it comes through me.
  • I provide the hands and materials, Spirit is the artist.
  • I never call myself an artist. I just say that I am a painter.
  • Painting provides joy and is always healing.
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Inner Self Shield

Inner Self Shield
Outward Expression of Inner Self Inner Self Shield. Whitehorse Woman

Whitehorse Woman says:

Every six months I do a check in with myself. Be it about my physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual self. Then I make a representative of what is going on in the form of what I call a shield (see heart shield photos). The shield pictured here is an outward expression of what is going on inside of myself.

You can read more about my unique "inner artist" process here.

Note: Whitehorse Woman, healer of Cherokee heritage, is a frequent contributor to the site and previous served as forum moderator before the forum was dismantled in 2014.

Have you ever created art (sketches, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, sewing projects, or some other art medium) as a therapeutic endeavor? If you would like to have one of your art therapy creations considered for inclusion in the Inner Artist Art Gallery please private message me in Facebook along with your story and attachment.

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Abstract Mind

abstract art
abstract art. Daniela

Daniela says:

I'm 28 years old. I have a wonderful family and amazing friends. I love to love anyone really. Painting has been apart of my life always as my pop was/is an amazing artist. He taught me how to paint. It is a funny little story because after a few years of lessons we started to disagree on stuff. I said to Pop I don't think you can teach me anything else because he encouraged realism a lot and all I wanted to paint was abstract. Painting what was in my mind. This is a a photo of one of my first hung pieces of art.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

Letting go. A spiritual walk through life has bought me here. The mother of all earths has inspired me and God has allowed her to. This Web site has helped me to open up and share what I've been taught and I suppose that was the process because I've found so much inspiration here. Like how love is best shared, so the joy for loving life and far beyond that was and still is where all creativity lies.  Maybe I did it too quick but looking at it now makes me feel loved because finally I've embraced life.

Poem I wrote may best explains this:

she felt, she cried, she woed away years,

her tears became fears she takes blame

she closed off and lost sight the world she began to fight,

the lesson was there is no blame, to point or to take, a choice was made

it sounds insane, how much pain for a lesson most valuable

anger has no gain

she felt, she sighed, she woed away years.


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Dream State

Dream State
Dream State. lizard57

lizard57 says:

Art is about self expression and by drawing an abstract design you can shape and reshape the idea or feeling. Every time I look at one of my creations I see it differently and in this way I can grow and heal on many levels. I have learned to free myself from preconceived notions of what art is and stopped labeling as 'good or bad' - it just is.

My "Inner Artist" Process 

I like to draw from a memory of a dream or something I have experienced. It starts out as this idea in my head and then evolves into something else. I never know exactly what will come to me as I work.

Have you ever created art (sketches, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, sewing projects, or some other art medium) as a therapeutic endeavor? If you would like to have one of your art therapy creations considered for inclusion in the Inner Artist Art Gallery please private message me in Facebook along with your story and attachment.

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