How to Insert Page Numbers on Master Pages in PageMaker 7

Using Master Pages speeds up document production

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Adobe first distributed PageMaker 7, the final version of its storied desktop publishing software, in 2001, and encouraged users to migrate to its new publishing softwareInDesign — shortly thereafter. If you use PageMaker 7, you can automatically number a document's pages in the style you designate using the master pages feature of your document.

Pagemaker 7 doesn't run at all on Intel-based Macs. It runs only in OS 9 or earlier. The Windows version of Pagemaker supports Windows XP, but it does not run on Windows Vista or Windows 10.

How to Use Master Pages for Numbering

  1. Open a document in PageMaker 7.

  2. Click on the Text function tool in the toolbox. It resembles a capital T.

  3. Click on the L/R function located under the ruler in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the master pages.

  4. Using the Text tool, draw a text block on one of the master pages near the area where you want the page numbers to appear in the document.

  5. Type Ctrl+Alt+P in Windows or Command+Option+P on a Mac.

  6. Click on the opposite master page in the area where you want the page number to appear.

  7. Draw a text box and type Ctrl+Alt+P in Windows or Command+Option+P on a Mac.

  8. A page number marker appears on each master page: LM is the left master; RM is the right master.

  9. Format the page number marker as you want the page number to appear throughout the document, including adding additional text before or after the page number marker.

  10. Click on the page number next to the L/R function to display the page numbers. When you add additional pages to the document, the pages are numbered automatically.

Tips for Working With Page Numbers and Master Pages

Save time by using the Pagemaker Master Pages feature to automatically number pages and apply repeating text, images, or layout options to multiple pages.

  • Elements on the master page are visible but not editable on all foreground pages. You see actual page numbers on the foreground pages.
  • To omit a page number on some pages but not others, turn off the display of master page items for that page or cover the number with a white box or create another master page set for pages without page numbers.
  • Use multiple master pages to apply different layout elements such as columns and margins in a publication.
  • Any text or graphic you position on a master page appears on each of the document pages covered by the master page.
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