5 Interesting Lectures for Music-Lovers

Free Online Music Lectures

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The world wide web can be a bountiful source of knowledge, but it can also get confusing considering the vast array of Web sites and topics to choose from. If you're looking for online lectures or lessons in the field of music, there are several respected music professors who've generously made their materials available online. What's more, these materials can be accessed or downloaded for free. Here are 5 interesting lectures for music-lovers:

Listening to Music - Created by Professor Craig Wright, this is one of the free online courses offered at Open Yale. Designed to further develop music appreciation by exploring the various instruments, elements, styles and composers of music. Audio, video and course materials are broken down into 23 sessions and may be accessed online. Course materials can also be downloaded for offline use.

Musicianship II - This course was created for MiraCosta College by two music professors, namely Don Megill and Dave Megill. It's ideal for those who want to hone their skills in theory and ear training, or anyone who are motivated self-learners. There are 9 lessons in all ranging from pitch, rhythm, intervals, chords, scales, etc. The course also comes with interactive exams and quizzes plus links to related resources.

Introduction to Pitch Systems in Tonal Music - Created by Professor John Crooks, this course is part of a musicianship course offered at the University of California - Irvine.

This one is ideal for music majors or those whose knowledge of music theory are in the advance level. There are 9 video lectures in all, starting off with basic concepts and then wrapping up with a lesson on a 12-tone Pythagorean set.

Universe of Music - This course was created by Professor David Patterson of the University of Massachusetts - Boston.

It will appeal to those who are interested in learning about the history of music and the role it plays in our world today. The course was originally designed for 13 weeks, but since this is an OpenCourseWare version, you can go through the lessons as slow or as fast as you please. The course is also available for free download.

Form & Analysis - Professor Timothy A. Smith of Northern Arizona University takes us into an in-depth study of the various forms of music; from contrapuntal techniques to different song forms. The lessons are divided into 16 weeks of study materials, including the final exam. Each week contains reading, listening and/or assignments. There's also quizzes plus study guides for exams.

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