Intermediate Level Dialogue: A Holiday in Italy

Learning Tower of Pisa
Learning Tower of Pisa - Italy. Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Here is a dialogue between two friends about a holiday in Italy. Read the dialogue and practice with a friend to help improve your pronunciation. Test your understanding with the follow up quiz and check your answers with the answers after the quiz. 

A Holiday in Italy

(two friends looking at pictures of a holiday)

Tim: Alan, do you want to see the pictures of my holiday in Italy?
Alan: Sure, what was it like?

Tim: Ah, the holiday was great! The food was great! The wine was great! The traffic was horrible!
Alan: Why was the traffic horrible?

Tim: Those Italians are crazy drivers! I don't want to think about it!
Alan: OK, OK, let's return to the good parts ...

Tim: Yes, so here's a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Alan: Incredible!

Tim: It was raining that day, but it was still wonderful. We climbed to the top!
Alan: And what's this?

Tim: That's a photo of the Arno river, in Florence. That's the 'Ponte Vecchio' the old bridge.
Alan: What was Florence like?

Tim: It was very interesting. There were beautiful old medieval buildings in the city, impressive cathedrals and churches, and lots of wonderful museums.
Alan: How was your Italian?

Tim: My Italian wasn't very good. But many Italians speak English very well. I was impressed!
Alan: Oh, this one is nice.

Tim: Yes, that's a shot of a tasty pizza served by a beautiful Italian!

Alan: She is beautiful, isn't she?

Tim: Ah, yes, the land of fashion, food and wine. I'd recommend Italy anytime!
Alan: I'm so jealous...

Italian Vacation Quiz

1. What wasn't great about Italy?

 The wine
 The food
 The traffic

2. Which city did he not mention?


3. How did they get to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa?

 By elevator
 On foot
 By escalator

4. Why didn't he have problems with his poor Italian?

 All Italians speak perfect English.
 Many Italians speak English well.
 A few Italians speak English well.

5. Which river does the Ponte Vecchio cross?

 The Arno
 The Pisa
 The Tiger

Quiz Answers

  1. The traffic - Tim says "The traffic was horrible!"
  2. Rome - Tim doesn't speak about Rome, but mentions Pisa (the Leaning Tower of Pisa), and Florence (Ponte Vecchio).
  3. On foot - Tim states that they climbed to the top of the Learning Tower of Pisa.
  4. Many Italians speak English well, - Tim states "My Italian wasn't very good. But many Italians speak English very well. I was impressed!"
  5. The Arno - The points out the Ponte Vecchio bridge when showing Alan a picture of Florence. 

Discussion Questions

Continue practicing your English with a discussion about Italy and the Italian language. Here are some questions to get you started.

  1. Have you ever been to Italy?
  2. If yes, which cities did you visit?
  3. What did you like best about Italy? What didn't you like? Why?
  4. Do you know any words in Italian? 
  5. Does your language use any words from the Italian? For example, the words pizza and pasta  are Italian. 

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