Internet Programming in Spanish

Listen to the Language for Learning or Pleasure

If you want to hear what native-speaker Spanish sounds like, you don't have access to native speakers or even Spanish-language radio or TV. Chances are that if you're reading this article, you have everything you need. An abundance of Spanish-language webcasts, podcasts and other programming is available for free on the Internet.

The system requirements for listing to Internet audio vary with the site, but chances are that if your computer was built within the past three or four years you already have the hardware you need.

Most sites that provide audio content also have links to the software you need. Most audio content can be played using one of three audio players that are readily available for free: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and Apple QuickTime. The three are available for both recent versions of the Windows and Macintosh operating systems; the RealPlayer is also available for Linux. Some sites also have downloadable audio in an MP3 or other format that you can listen to on portable players. A high-speed Internet connection is helpful, although a good dial-up connection will sometimes be sufficient if you aren't Web surfing at the same time.

Spanish-language programming can be found for almost any interest, and a complete list would be far too long to list here. Following, however, are some of the sites that have been recommended by readers of this site:

  • Batanga: You won't find any classical music here (unless you count classic rock), but you'll find just about every other style of music.
  • BBC Mundo: True, the BBC is well-known British news service. However, you'll find quality programming in Spanish here.
  • Deutsche Welle: This German network offers streaming programming in nearly all the European language and then some. At the time of this writing, however, its Spanish-language programming is not available to U.S. listeners.
  • Ke Buena: Popular music from Acapulco, Mexico.
  • La100: Rock from Argentina.
  • Notes in Spanish: Tips about Spain, news, conversation and "all the cool words they never teach you in class."
  • M80 Radio: Classic rock from Madrid.
  • Mitre: Variety of programming from Argentina.
  • RAC105: International rock and pop from Spain. The home page is in Catalan, but if you're adept at reading Spanish you can probably comprehend most of it.
  • Radio Belgrano: Self-described as the most popular radio, from Argentina.
  • Radio Bilingüe: Public radio-type programming from the United States.
  • Radio Isla: Talk shows and more, from Puerto Rico.
  • Radio Jai: Catering to Argentina's Jewish community with a mix of programming.
  • Radio Progreso: Music, news and a bit of propaganda from Cuba.
  • RTVE: This network from Spain provides a choice of six channels streamed over the Internet.
  • Terra Radios: Talk, music and sports are featured on stations from Guatemala.
  • Yahoo Launchcast: About a dozen music stations feature Spanish music of various genres including rock, rap, reggaeton, pop, tejano and jazz.