Interview Questions to Ask a Blogger Potential Hire

Hire the right blogger for your company

Whether you have a business blog that indirectly promotes your company or a personal blog that's growing more quickly than you can keep up with, there might come a time when you need to hire a blogger to help you write content for your blog and perform other tasks like blog maintenance, blog promotion, social media marketing, and more. Make sure you hire the right blogger by asking every applicant the interview questions listed below. Doing the work upfront to make sure you're hiring the best candidate will save you time and money down the road.

Questions About Blog Topic

Ask candidates the following interview questions to learn what they know about your blog's topic:

  • What knowledge or experience do you have in my business (or industry, blog topic, etc.)?
  • Do you have any formal education in my business (or industry, blog topic, etc.)?
  • Why do you want to write for my blog? What do you like and dislike about the topic?
  • What do you know about my blog's target audience and what style and tone would you use to write posts for my blog to appeal to that audience?

Questions About Writing and Blogging

It's important to get an understanding of each applicant's writing abilities and experience with blogging tools and rules. Ask the following questions to gather insights:

  • What other blogs have you written for or do you currently write for?
  • Do you have a blog? What is the URL?
  • What process do you use to edit your work and ensure it is free of grammar and spelling errors?
  • Have you written for any other websites or offline publications?
  • Can you provide me with clips from some of your other published works?
  • Do you know how to use WordPress? Describe the process you use to create a blog post using WordPress. Note that the blogging application you use might not be WordPress, so be sure to adjust the question accordingly.
  • Do you understand copyright laws as they pertain to bloggers? How do you attribute sources and where would you obtain images to use on the blog?
  • Could you explain how you incorporate search engine optimization into your blog post writing?
  • Can you write a sample post for me?

Questions About Social Media and Online Reputation

If you expect the blogger to use their byline in their posts and promote those posts across the social web, then you need to ask these questions during the interview process:

  • Can you promote your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and other social media sites?
  • Can you describe your online reputation?
  • Could you share your social media profile URLs?
  • How would you find online influencers and members of my blog's target audience to share posts across the social web?
  • If you received a comment on the blog or elsewhere online about me, my blog, or my brand, what would you do?
  • What tools do you use to manage your social media presence?

Questions About Work Ethic and Miscellaneous

Most frequently, bloggers work as independent contractors rather than employees (although larger companies do hire part-time and full-time bloggers). Furthermore, most bloggers work from their homes. That means you need to be able to trust that they can work autonomously and reliably. The following questions will help you identify the best candidates for a remote working relationship as well as ensure candidates are a match for your blog's budget and content requirements:

  • What happens to my blog when you get sick or go on vacation? How will I know new posts will continue to be published?
  • What hours do you work? How can I get in touch with you?
  • How much do you expect me to pay you?
  • Could you provide me with blogging references?
  • What are your favorite blogs and why?
  • Can you give me at least one recommendation to improve my blog that you can deliver if I hire you?
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