Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Saying "I'm not really a breakfast person" just got a whole lot easier.

Disclaimer: This is not written by a health expert. Please do not take this seriously. This does however link to articles by real experts that have health advice worth following. K thanks.

You've probably been hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the better part of your life. Things like "it's brain food" or "it actually speeds up your metabolism" are commonly cited as reasons to eat your cereal/yogurt/etc. Well breakfast haters, your day has finally come. Huzzah!

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The Research is Actually INCONCLUSIVE That Breakfast Speeds Up Your Metabolism

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That's right, there is no proof of a direct link between breakfast and a speedier metabolism. And it's not only scientists that say that! Dieticians also agree:

“Eating breakfast doesn't affect metabolic rate in the way people like to say it does. There are studies to support breakfast eating for weight management, but not for a calorie-burning boost.” – Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., CDE

So there you go. 

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Breakfast is Often Super Unhealthy... Even Though it Doesn't Seem Like It

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There are A LOT of unhealthy breakfast foods that you may think aren't. While breakfast cereals, for example, can be super healthy if they're made with 100% whole grain and fortified with additional nutrients, they're usually not. Cereals are often low in fiber and cram-packed with sugar, and those frozen breakfast burritos you might be stuffing your face with aren't exactly low in calories. It's way too easy to screw up the benefits of your breakfast, with all that bacon, sugar, and fat. So basically if you're ruining your breakfast, it's not even worth it. 

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It is Not A "Magic Bullet" for Weight Loss

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Don't be fooled by the beauty of that syrupy stack of chocolate chip pancakes. That is NOT going to help you lose weight. Hate to break it to you, but the calories you consume at breakfast matter just as much as the calories you eat at every other meal. So unless you eat something gross like fibery bran (which isn't so easy on the stomach) with the smallest piece of cantaloupe ever, you're basically out of luck. Womp womp.
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Want to Try Intermittent Fasting? That Means NO BREAKFAST!

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Intermittent fasting could be the next big thing for your health. It can improve your blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, muscle, and even make you live longer! So if you're fasting, that obviously means no breakfast So all you have to do to avoid breakfast is not eat. At all. Hooray! 

**Make sure to read this article for a more in-depth view and recommendations for properly intermittent fasting.

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If You're Trying to GAIN Weight, You Can Ignore Most Breakfast Advice

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Although breakfast may not be the be-all and end-all for weight loss, we'll admit it can help. But what about those folks who want to live life large and in charge? Then you can totally ignore breakfast. Then you can sleep in, gobble up a nice big lunch (like they do in Peru), and be on your way.
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Not to Burst Your Bubble, But Something Doesn't Quite Add Up

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In theory, eating breakfast helps you make "good dietary choices the rest of the day" (i.e. it'll help curb cravings). But if you're not eating the right foods to satisfy your hunger at breakfast anyways, what's to stop you from eating those fries at lunch anyhow? Just sayin... if a bowl of fries looks good, a bowl of fries shall be eaten.

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Breakfast Food Is Irrelevant in the Grand Scheme of Things

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Okay, we'll admit timing for eating in the morning matters somewhat, but WHAT you eat, not so much. Different cultures eat all sorts of things for breakfast that aren't what we consider your "traditional" breakfast foods. For example, a traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice, miso soup, and various side dishes. In Eastern Europe, there are pickled meats, smoked sausages, and more. And even in America, the best thing you can probably eat for breakfast – if you do decide to eat it after all that – could actually be a salad. So even if you have to at breakfast you can say , "Sayonara!" to breakfast foods.


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