Islamic Greeting Cards

Many people these days send Ramadan, Hajj, and Eid greetings to family and friends via email, social media, and e-cards. However, sometimes we would like to be able to send high-quality greeting cards on printed stationery. This beautiful collection of greeting cards for Islamic holidays is perfect for families, businesses, and non-Muslims wishing to honor the celebrations of their Muslim friends.

Salma Arastu Greeting Cards

The beautiful artwork of Salma Arastu decorates these Eid greeting cards. Choose from over 50 different cards, customized with a choice of over a dozen personalized greetings. Also, it includes greetings for events such as graduation or a new baby. Mix and match to create a unique set of cards for any occasion. More »

This UK company, established in 2004, is a leading publisher of Islamic greeting cards and Islamic-themed social stationery products (wedding, new baby, decorations, artistic prints, etc.). High-quality products that are distributed around the world. More »

Artistic and unique line of Islamic greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, decorations, imprinted ribbons, and more. A complete look for Eid, weddings, graduations, or other occasions. Located in Orange County, California. More »

From Minted, these Eid cards are sourced from a global community of independent artists and designers. You choose the paper and quantity; cards will be printed and shipped to you. Most cards can also be fully personalized with family photos or business logos.  More »

A small company with a unique product: eco-friendly greeting cards. Available for Eid, Thank You, Qur'an Verses, Graduation, Friendship, and more -- all on recycled paper and minimal wasteful packaging. More »

A gorgeous selection of greeting cards for any occasion. Sold in packs of ten 5x7" cards, with the transliteration and meaning of the calligraphy on the back. Cards may be mixed and matched to create a set. Also available are two designs of "Love and Peace" cards, with half of the proceeds going to the victims of the September 11th attack. More »

For customers in the Middle East, this Abu Dhabi company provides a nice selection of Eid greeting cards. Minimum order is 200 cards, which may be mixed and matched. Custom imprinting available for your business greetings or logo. More »

These contemporary Islamic greeting cards are chic, simple, and classy. Wrapping paper, gift tags, and other paper products are also available. More »

Created by Anika Sabree, this line of greeting cards has a unique, Afro-Caribbean Muslim vibe. These contemporary designs are colorful and different.  More »

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