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Students often require graph paper to complete different kinds of math assignments. Or if you are a math teacher, you may find yourself in need of specialized isometric paper, math charts, or grids. For a teacher or student, finding the right paper can be challenging, and purchasing all of the types of graph paper you may need can be expensive.

These nine slides offer free printable graph paper—and even a multiplication table—to meet your teaching or homework needs. Explanations in each slide offer tips on where and how you might need to use the free printables.

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Half-Inch Graph Paper

1/2 Inch Graph Paper. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Graph Paper With 1/2-Inch Squares

This graph paper printable with 1/2-inch squares is among the most common in mathematics. You can—and often will need to—break the graph paper into quadrants, which form what is known as the Cartesian Plane. This is another way of saying the x-y plane, where a horizontal line (or axis)—representing the values of "x"—intersects a vertical axis, which represents "y." These two axes intersect at a point that is written as (0,0), where "x" is zero and "y" is zero, forming four quadrants.

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1-Centimeter Graph Paper

1 CM Graph Paper. D.Russell

Print the PDF: 1-Centimeter Graph Paper

This graph paper is similar to the printable in the previous slide, except that all of the squares are 1 centimeter in length and width. This format is less common, but it may be useful if you are assigned math problems that involve the metric system, or if you simply need more squares on each graph paper page with more numbers on both the x and y axes.

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Dot Paper

Dot Paper. D.Russell

Print the PDF: Dot Paper

You may need graph paper that displays dots to solve problems involving lines or two-dimensional shapes. Using this dot paper printable, you could draw vertical or horizontal lines of a particular length (such as five units), or shapes such as triangles or squares. The dots make it easy to draw such shapes, also called "polygons," which are two-dimensional figures formed with straight lines, as well as accurately measure the number of units that make up the sides of polygons.

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Dot Paper Landscape

Dot Paper - Landscape. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Dot Paper Landscape

The dot graph paper in this slide is identical to the printable in the previous section, except that it is presented in a landscape—or horizontal—view. This kind of dot paper can come in handy if your assignment requires you to create large, horizontal polygons, such as a rectangle or trapezoid, a polygon with four straight sides and a pair of opposite parallel sides.

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Isometric Paper

Isometric Paper. D.Russell

Print the PDF: Isometric Paper

Isometric graph paper is generally used in math for creating three-dimensional objects, often called "solids." The isometric paper here uses diamond-shaped dot patterns, which allow you to create such solids as cubes, cylinders, and rectangular prisms.

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1-Centimeter Isometric Paper

1 CM Isometric Paper. D. Russell

Print the PDF: 1-Centimeter Isometric Paper

This printable is nearly identical to the printable in the previous slide, except that the dots are spaced in 1-centimeter intervals. This specialized paper might be useful for complex problems that require metric-system units. It might help you in drafting, where you are required to create complex two- and three-dimensional shapes.

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2-Cenimeter Graph Paper

2 CM Graph. D.Russell

Print the PDF: 2-Centimeter Graph Paper

This graph paper, which is similar to the printable in slide No. 2, offers squares spaced in 2-centimeter segments. Use this graph paper if the shapes you need to draw do not require small units. This may be a good printable for those just learning to use graph paper because it can be simpler to draw 2D shapes that use larger units.

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Landscape Isometric Paper

Landscape Isometric Paper. D.Russell

Print the PDF: Landscape Isometric Paper

This printable again presents an isometric configuration, but it is laid out in horizontal fashion. This printable may be useful if you need to draw a large rectangular prism, which might not fit as well on graph paper laid out in a portrait view.

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Multiplication Chart

Print the PDF: Multiplication Chart

Grade school teachers and students may find this multiplication chart useful to teach or practice multiplication facts. For students who are struggling with these facts, such as 6 X 6 = 36, 9 X 8 = 72, or 12 X 12 = 144, print this table on card stock and tape it to the desk for easy reference. This printable lists times table facts to 12.

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