The Issues Today's Parents Face

Raising Your Child Successfully

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Parents today face significant challenges when it comes to raising children, and many of those issues were totally unheard of 50 years ago. Sending your child to private school might be one solution as the educational environment is more controlled and in line with your core values. Let's look at some of these issues and how they impact our choice of a school.

Cell Phones

When we raised our sons and daughters back in the 70's and 80's, we didn't have cell phones.

Now I don't know how we lived without them. Having the immediacy of contact through voice and text messages is very reassuring to a parent. Unfortunately, cell phones often raise other issues. Who is he or she constantly texting and chatting with? Are they sexting or sending inappropriate pictures? Do you need to be worried about cyberbullying? Then there's the dreaded data limits, and teenagers are often guilty of using up the data made available. What can you do?

Sometimes school can help; many private schools limit cell phone use because of constant supervision and being too engaged in classes. The small size of her classes and the school itself mean that she cannot hide anything she is doing. Private schools take your child's safety and security very seriously. It's everybody's responsibility—students, teachers, and staff—to be aware of what's going on around them and to take appropriate action.

Developing character, respect for others and a sense of community are core values in most private schools.

You also can't use your phone to get into trouble if you're using it to study. That's right, some private schools are proudly finding ways to incorporate cell phones into the learning process.


Bullying is a serious issue of harassment and can have negative consequences if gone unnoticed.

Fortunately, most private schools train teachers to identify and address bullying, and also empower students to take responsibility for living in a welcoming and supportive environment. In fact, many students escape situations of bullying by switching schools and attending private school. In fact, many students escape situations of bullying by switching schools and attending private school. 

Terrorism and Shootings

Terrorism was something that happened in other parts of the world, but since the United States suffered from some major terrorist attacks and threats, that fear is all too close to home. The rise in school shootings isn't helping, either. How can you keep your child safe? Some families have looked to the most elite boarding schools as a means of protection. With gated communities, constant supervision, and considerable funding available to ensure that campuses are of protection. 

Smoking and Drinking

Teens have always experimented. Smoking and drinking were no big deal when I was growing up or so I thought back then. I wouldn't have dreamed of smoking pot. It just was not part of my generation's experience growing up in Montreal. Fortunately, tons of research and education have changed the way we parents view substance abuse.

Private schools have taken a proactive approach as well to ensure that their students learn the consequences and dangers of substance abuse. Most private schools have zero tolerance policies in place when it comes to substance abuse.


Private schools tend to emphasize original thinking and writing as part of their requirements. That makes cheating harder to pull off. Besides, if you cheat in private school, you will be disciplined and possibly expelled. Your children quickly learn that cheating is unacceptable behavior.

Looking into the future, issues such as sustainability and the environment will probably be very high on most parents' list of concerns. How we guide and direct our children is a critical part of parenting. Choosing the right educational environment is a major part of that process.


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