Italian Adult Slang Dictionary: Letter C

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cacare v.t./i. (vulgar) to defecate; cacarsi addosso to defecate in one's pants.
cacarella f. (vulgar) diarrhea.
cacasenno (un/una) n. a know-it-all, a smart-ass; (lit.): one who [defecates] wisdom.
cacasentenze m./f. inv. one who likes to moralize, one who acts like he/she is very smart, a smart ass; (lit.): one who shits sentences.
cacasodo m./f. inv. an arrogant person, someone who thinks his/her [feces] doesn't stink; (lit.): one who defecates hard (from the verb cacare, meaning "to [defecate]" and the adjective sodo, meaning "tough" or "hard."
cacasotto m./f. inv. a very fearful person; (lit.): one who [defecates] down below.
cacatoio m. (vulgar) john, loo.
cacchio m. (vulgar) penis.
cafone s.m. (f. -a) (pejorative) boor, ill-mannered person.
cavolo (vulgar) non me ne importa un cavolo! I don't give a damn about it!; (vulgar)testa di cavolo blockhead.
cazzata (vulgar) bloody nonsense.
cazzo (vulgar) term for penis.
cazzone (vulgar) term for penis.
ceffo m. jerk; (lit.): big "dick".
cesso m. (vulgar) public washroom.

chiavare v.t. (trivial) to have sexual intercourse.
chiavata f. (vulgar) to have sexual intercourse.
cioccie f.p. (vulgar) breasts.
ciucca m. (vulgar) drunkenness.
coglione m. (vulgar) testicle; rompere i coglioni a qualcuno to break someone's [testicles].
cornuto m. (vulgar) deceived partner; (generic insult) cuckolded.
cosina veloce (una) f. a quickie; (lit.): a quick little thing.
culata f. (vulgar) shove or bump with the behind.
culo m. (vulgar) buttocks.
culone m. (vulgar) one with a big fat [buttocks].