20 Italian Baby Names That Start With 'F'

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From Fabio to Francesca, Italian baby names beginning with "F" have a certain exotic flair. Some names seem to call to mind pop culture icons. Others, like Fulvio, conjure up images of bold Latin names. Latin, after all, is the language from which Italian descended. 

Below find 20 fantastic Italian names that start with "F" with girl names designated with "F" and boys designated with "M."

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Fabiana (F)

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Fabiana comes from a Roman clan named Fabius, meaning bean-grower or bean-seller, says She Knows, adding that a popular American singer is named Fabian, as well as St. Fabian, a third-century pope, and martyr.

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Federica (F)

Federica means peaceful ruler and is closely related to the name Frederick, a name that is of Germanic origin, says BabyName Wizard. You may have heard of Frederica Felini, a famous Italian model.

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Fiammetta (F)

Fiammetta translates as "little fiery one," says Think Baby Names. The word fiamma means "flame," and it may refer to the flames of the Holy Spirit that descended on the apostles on the day Christians commemorate as Pentecost, the baby-naming website notes.

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Filippa (F)

Filippa is actually of Greek origin and the means "lover of horses," according to Think Baby names. It's also a variant  of Philippa and the feminine form of the masculine name Philip in Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, and Russia, in addition to Italy. 

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Filomena (F)

Filomena, a form of the Greek female name Philomena, means "friend of strength"—which breaks down as philos, "friend or lover" and menos, "mind, purpose, strength, or courage."

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Fiore (F)

Fiore, a beautiful name for a baby means "flower," says Think Baby Names, noting that Fiore is a variant form of flora, the Latin word for "plant."

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Fiorenza (F)

Fiorenza is the Italian feminine form of Florentius, says First Name Meanings.com. Fiorenza derives from the Latin name Florentius or the feminine form Florentia, which derived from florens, meaning "prosperous or flourishing."

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Flavia (F)

Flavia is derived from the Latin word for golden or blonde: flavus. It was also the name of a gens "family" of emperors, who ruled Rome (and its empire) from 60 to 96.

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Francesca (F)

Francesca is also derived from the Latin Frances. Famous bearers of the name are a 15th-century Roman noblewoman, St. Francesca Romana (St. Frances of Rome), and British actress Francesca Annis.

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Franca (F)

Franca is a diminutive of Francesca, derived from the Latin Frances, meaning "French" or "from France," which in turn means "free one."

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Fabio (M)

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Fabio Lanzoni is such a well-known Italian sex symbol that he is known by just his first name, but the moniker actually means "bean farmer," very similar to the female baby name​ Fabiana.

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Fausto (M)

Fausto simply means "lucky." So, if you want your baby to lead a charmed life, consider giving him this name.

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Federico (M)

Federico is a "peaceful ruler." The famed Italian director Federico Fellini certainly ruled the cinema for many years, though probably not so peacefully.

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Fernando (M)

Fernando is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian equivalent of the name Ferdinand, which has Germanic origins, notes Oh Baby Names. Ferdinand is derived from the words farṍ meaning "journey" and “nand meaning "prepared" or "ready, hence the implication of an adventure.

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Filippo (M)

Filippo is the male version of Filippa (see section No. 1), and it also means "lover of horses."

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Fiorenzo (M)

Fiorenzo is the male version of Fiorenza, and like that name, it ultimately derived from florens, meaning "prosperous or flourishing."

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Flavio (M)

Flavio is the male version of Flavia and also means "blonde." So, if you think your newborn will have fair hair, this might the right name for him.

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Francesco (M)

Francesco like the female name Francesca is derived from the Latin Frances meaning "French" or "free one."

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Franco (M)

Franco, similar to Franca, is a diminutive of Francesco, derived from the Latin Frances, meaning "French" or "from France."

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Fulvio (M)

Fulvio is the Italian form of the Roman family name Fulvius, which was derived from the Latin word fulvus, meaning  "yellow" or "tawny."

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