Italian Numbers For Children and Beginners

Learn to Count in Italian

Rear view of boy with raised hand in class
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Learn to count from one to 20 in Italian with this guide. Click the links to hear the Italian pronunciation.

Counting in Italian

NumeralEnglishItalianItalian Pronunciation
1OneUnoPronouncing uno
2TwoDuePronouncing due
3ThreeTrePronouncing tre
4FourQuattroPronouncing quattro
5FiveCinquePronouncing cinque
6SixSeiPronouncing sei
7Seven Pronouncing sette
8Eight Pronouncing otto
9Nine Pronouncing nove
10Ten Pronouncing dieci
11Eleven Pronouncing undici
12Twelve Pronouncing dodici 
13Thirteen Pronouncing tredici
14Fourteen Pronouncing quattordici


15Fifteen Pronouncing quindici
16Sixteen Pronouncing sedici
17Seventeen Pronouncing diciassette


18Eighteen Pronouncing diciotto
19Nineteen Pronouncing diciannove


10Twenty Pronouncing venti