Learn Italian Possessive Adjectives

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Possessive adjectives are those that indicate possession or ownership. They correspond to the English "my," "your," "his," "her," "its," "our," and "their." The Italian possessive adjectives are also preceded by definite articles and agree in gender and number with the noun possessed, not with the possessor. The table below provides a chart of possessive adjectives (aggettivi possessivi) in Italian.

myil miola miai mieile mie
your (oftu)il tuola tuai tuoile tue
your (ofLei)il Suola Suai Suoile Sue
his, her, itsil suola suai suoile sue
ouril nostrola nostrai nostrile nostre
your (ofvoi)il vostrola vostrai vostrile vostre
your (ofLoro)il Lorola Loroi Lorole Loro
theiril lorola loroi lorole loro


As a rule, the Italian possessive adjectives are preceded by definite articles:

la mia camicia (my shirt)
il nostro amico (our friend)
i vostro vicini (your neighbor)
i suoi libri (his/her books)

One exception is made for idiomatic phrases such as these:

a casa mia (my house)
ècolpa sua (it's his/her fault)
è merito tuo (it's your merit)
piacere mio (my pleasure)