Italian Slang Dictionary: Adult 'F' Words

Expletives, off-color phrases, euphemisms and more

As with any language, there are many ways to talk about seduction, flirtation, a little naughtiness, and sometimes get downright raunchy in Italian. Below is a list of Italian slang words and phrases not found in standard texts that range from suggestive to downright vulgar. Many native speakers won't admit to being familiar with all of these phrases, but chances are most of them have heard or used at least one.

Before you get into the blue language section, however, you should get to know some basic survival phrases to get around Italy or an Italian-speaking area. Especially if Italian isn't your native tongue, you'll want to learn some basic greetings  if you want to make friends while traveling in Italy. And since many people venture to Italy to dine on its amazing cuisine, a smart traveler will learn a few phrases related to dining out and food.

A word of advice: Before you unleash the somewhat shocking words and phrases on your new Italian friends, at least get to know each another with some basic introductions.

Adult Italian Phrases Starting with 'F'

Now comes the fun part: Time to learn how to spice up your language skills with Italian colloquial expressions, shocking idioms, hard-core curses, expletives, off-color phrases, and euphemisms. Because of the very nature of slang, this feature obviously includes expressions that some will find offensive. Here's a list of Italian adult slang words beginning with the letter 'F.'

faccia di culo f. a butt-ugly person; used as an insult, referring to a big jerk; (lit.): face of a [buttocks].
faccia di merda f. a very despicable person; (lit.): a face of [feces].
faccia di stronzo f. a very despicable person, a bastard, a son of a bitch; (lit.): turd head.
fare l'amore, all'amore v. to make love to.
fare aria exp. to fart; (lit.): to make air.
fare i gattini exp. to throw up, to barf one's guts up; (lit.): to have kittens.
fare un peto/una peta exp. to fart; (lit.): to make a fart.
fare una figura di merda exp. to make a [poor] impression, to embarrass oneself; (lit.): to make a figure of [excrement].
fare una puzza exp. to fart; (lit.): to make a stink.
farsi bello(a) v. to doll oneself up.
farsi una canna to have a joint.
fesso v. (vulgar) silly, stupid, foolish, idiotic; fare il fesso to play the fool.
fessacchione/a n. a [complete] idiot; (lit.): big idiot.
fica f. (vulgar) euphemish for female genitals.
fighetta f. a sexy girl, (lit.): a cute little vagina.
figlio di puttana m. (vulgar) son of a bitch.
filmaccio m. a bad or dirty movie.
finire in merda exp. to end miserably; (lit.): to end in [excrement].
fottere v. (vulgar) to have sexual intercourse.
fottersene v. (vulgar) not to give a damn.
fottuto a. (vulgar) taken advantage of, damned.
fregarsene v. (vulgar) not to give a damn (di about): Me ne frego dei suoi ordini I don't give a damn about his orders; E chi se ne frega? Who gives a damn?
fuori come un balcone drunk.

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