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Jack Zavada
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Jack Zavada

A career writer, Jack Zavada is well acquainted with rejection and disappointment. But he credits his positive attitude and faith in God to his parents, who instilled in him a determination to succeed despite setbacks. His father was a disabled veteran, wounded in World War II by stepping on a land mine. His perseverance set an example for Jack that he follows to this day. His mother, a homemaker, also sets a positive example through service to her church and care toward family and friends.

His latest novel, a legal thriller titled Mr. Lincoln for the Defense, was recently published for the Kindle ereader.

His hobbies include bluegrass music and taking care of his dog, a mixed breed Terrier named Louie.

Jack is single, lives in Streator, Illinois, and is currently serving as vice president of the church council and on the board of elders at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.


After graduating from college in 1973, Jack became a reporter for his hometown newspaper, covering everything from crime and government to sports and farm news. His next job was technical editor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where he edited research reports that were distributed to military commanders throughout the world.

For a year after that, he served as publications director for an Illinois utility company, writing and editing a magazine for the firm's 2,000 employees and retirees.

Being laid off from that job because of a reduction in force strengthened Jack's faith and trust in God.

Five months later, he took a position as communications director for a national nonprofit organization. During his 16 years there, he wrote news releases, trade journal articles, direct mail packages, instructional materials and videos, and the organization's newsletter. He resigned from that position in 2002 and now writes articles and books for Christian publishers.

Jack had four western novels published in the late 1970s and calculates that over the past 30 years, he has had over 2 million words in print. His devotional published in The Upper Room magazine in 2005 was translated into 43 languages.


Associate of Liberal Arts, Winston Churchill College; Bachelor of Science in English Literature, Illinois State University, and Master of Science in English Composition, Illinois State University.


Jack is a cancer survivor and has collected hundreds of rejection slips over the years while trying to place novels and articles. He has never married, and feels that the hard-won lessons he has learned may help other single people make sense of their lives. He wants to bring hope and encouragement to singles through his website and ebooks.

While single life can often be difficult, Jack believes that Jesus, who never married, has a special understanding and compassion for singles' feelings of loneliness and frustration. Jack's goal is to show singles how to receive God's love and grace to build a happy life.

Jack Zavada's Ebooks

Mr. Lincoln for the Defense is a legal thriller, historical fiction novel based on Abraham Lincoln's career as a defense attorney.

Hope for Hurting Singles is based on Jack's 40 years of experience as a single adult--plus feedback from visitors to his website. If the problems of the single life are getting you down, if too many setbacks are pushing you into a pessimistic attitude, this book will show you there's lots to be hopeful about, no matter what has happened to you in the past. Hope for Hurting Singles is $9.97 at: Inspiration-for-Singles.com

How to Master Your Money: The Single's Guide to Taking Control of Your Finances is packed with advice especially helpful in our current economic situation. Much of the book centers on why you spend and how to change your attitude toward money. As always, this is practical, real-world stuff. How to Master Your Money is $4.97 at: Inspiration-for-Singles.com

Outsmarting Loneliness contends with one of life's most miserable experiences—loneliness.

Loneliness tends to make us feel isolated, which can intensify our problems and fears, leading us further downward into more destructive emotions. In Outsmarting Loneliness, Jack Zavada gives a step-by-step guide from someone who knows firsthand what it means to overcome loneliness. Outsmarting Loneliness is $7.97 at: Inspiration-for-Singles.com

Single & Sure, another of Jack Zavada's ebooks, is aimed at single Christians who know, deep down, that their lives can be happier and more fulfilling, but haven't yet found the answers they're seeking. Single & Sure is $9.97 at: Inspiration-for-Singles.com

Contact Information

To contact Jack Zavada or for more information, visit Inspiration-for-singles.com, send him an email, or follow him on Google+.

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