Jack Zavada

Jack Zavada
Jack Zavada. Image © Jack Zavada

Jack Zavada is a lifelong Christian who has been writing about the faith for several years. He is fascinated by the diversity of Christianity and works to make that information available in a clear, inviting way.


Jack's articles have appeared in Liguorian magazine and The Upper Room, a publication translated into 44 languages. Dozens of his devotional pieces appear on christianity.about.com.

Over his 35-year writing career, Jack often has had to convey complicated material into succinct, understandable terms. He has served as a newspaper reporter, technical editor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, publications editor for a utility company, and communications director for a national nonprofit organization.

Jack is the author of four published western novels: Rebel Town, The Wolfer, Penwhistle's Prize, and West of the Pecos. His website, inspiration-for-singles.com, launched in 2005, receives visitors from more than 165 countries.

Jack holds bachelor's and master's degrees in English from Illinois State University. His hobbies include bluegrass music and taking care of his dog, a mixed breed Terrier named Buddy.

Jack is single, lives in Streator, Illinois, and is a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Jack Zavada

"Christianity is the driving force in my life. I've been the victim of cancer twice, job layoffs, and broken relationships, and my faith has always been the constant force that pulled me through. Eventually we all reach the point where we ask serious questions about life. I firmly believe Christianity has the answers we're seeking. When people come looking for information on this site, I hope to help them find it quickly and in a way that applies to their lives. I feel privileged to help the Guide here explain the many facets of the Christian faith."

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