JACKSON Surname Meaning and Origin

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The patronymic surname Jackson means "son of Jack." The personal/given name Jack may have derived from one of several sources. Perhaps it was derived from the name "Jackin," a medieval diminutive of the name "John," itself the English form of "Iohannes," which is Latin for the Greek name Ιωαννης (Ioannes), initially derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yohanan). Yohanan means "Jehovah has favored," or more loosely "gift of God." Because Jack relates to John, Jackson is related to the surname Johnson.

The other option for Jackson is as a possible a derivation of the Old French given name "Jacque," French for the English name "Jacob." The name derives from the Latin "Jacobus" which, in turn, derives from the Hebrew personal name יַעֲקֹב (Ya'aqov).

Fast Facts: Jackson

  • Origin: English, Scottish
  • Alternate Spellings: Jackson, Jacksen, Jacson, Jaxon, and Jaxson

Where Are the Jacksons Found?

Jackson is reliably found among the top twenty last names in the U.S. According to WorldNames public profiler, the Jackson surname is found in the greatest numbers in the U.K. and Australia. It is most prevalent in northern England, especially Cumbria county. The name is also popular in the U.S., especially in Washington D.C. and the southeastern states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Famous People with the Surname JACKSON

  • Andrew Jackson: 7th President of the United States
  • Michael Jackson: American pop singer
  • Augustus Jackson: creator of several ice cream recipes and inventor of an improved method of manufacturing ice cream ca. 1832
  • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: American professional mixed martial arts fighter
  • Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson: Confederate general in the U.S. Civil War
  • Conrad Feger Jackson: Union Army general in the American Civil War

Genealogy Resources for the Jackson Name

  • Jackson Family Genealogy: A source dedicated to the descendants of Robert Jackson, who arrived in Massachusetts with his father circa 1630.
  • Jackson Project: A source for researching family tree information, reading biographies, checking out DNA results, or submitting your own DNA to learn more about your own Jackson ancestors.
  • Jackson Family Genealogy Forum: A message board where Jacksons post their queries and find others researching ancestry
  • Jackson Family Tree at Genealogy Today: A collection of genealogy records and links to genealogical and historical files for Jacksons

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