Japanese Gods and Goddesses

Amateras (Amaterasu) was born from the left eye of the primeval being Izanagi. She is the greatest of the Japanese gods, the sun goddess, ruler of the Plain of Heaven.

Hoderi, the son of Ninigi (first ruler of the Japanese islands) and Ko-no-Hana (daughter of the mountain god Oho-Yama [Encyclopedia Mythica]) and the brother of Hoori, is the divine ancestor of the immigrants coming from the south over the sea to Japan.

Hotei is one of the 7 Japanese Shinto gods of luck (Shichi Fukujin), depicted with a great belly. He is the god of happiness, laughter, and the wisdom of contentment.

Son of Ninigi and Ko-no-Hana, and brother of Hoderi, Hoori is the divine ancestor of the emperor.

Izanami and Izanagi
In Japanese Shinto mythology, Izanami is a primordial goddess and personification of the Earth and darkness. Izanagi and Izanami were the first parents. They created the world and produced Amaterasu (sun goddess), Tsukiyomi no Mikoto (moon god), Susanowo (sea god), and Kaga-Tsuchi (fire god), as their offspring. Izanagi went to the Underworld to find his wife who had been killed giving birth to Amaterasu. Unfortunately, Izanami had already eaten and so could not return to the land of the living, but became queen of the Underworld. ["Izanagi and Izanami" A Dictionary of Asian Mythology. David Leeming. Oxford University Press] See Persephone for a similar motif in Greek mythology.

Japanese god of fire who burned his mother, Izanami, to death when she gave birth. Kagutsuchi's father is Izanagi.

A son of Susanowo, he was a spirit type called a kami. He ruled Izumo until the coming of Ninigi. ["Okuninushi" A Dictionary of Asian Mythology. David Leeming. Oxford University Press]

Also spelled Susanowo, he ruled the oceans and was god of rain, thunder, and lightning. He was banished from heaven for bad behavior while drunk. He became an underworld god Susanoh is a brother of Amaterasu. ["Shinto Mythology" A Dictionary of Asian Mythology. David Leeming. Oxford University Press]

Tsukiyomi no Mikoto
The Shinto moon god and another brother of Amaterasu, who was born from the right eye of Izanagi.

Ukemochi (Ogetsu-no-hime)
Food goddess killed by Tsukiyomi. ["Tsukiyomi" The Oxford Companion to World Mythology. David Leeming. Oxford University Press]

Also Ama no Uzume, she is the Shinto goddess of joy and happiness, and good health. Uzume brought Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu back from her cave.

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