Jason and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Jason (Rebecca Herbst & Billy Miller). ABC, Inc.

These two can get together, all right, but somehow it never works out.

Tending to Jason's Wounds

From the day Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) started nursing the wounded Jason (then Steve Burton) in her art studio until now, their strong connection has never been broken, nor has it ever been fully requited. Something - or someone - is always in the way.

Originally, it was Elizabeth's first love, Lucky, who turned up alive after he had supposedly died.

When Elizabeth chose to stay with Lucky, Jason left town; when he returned, Elizabeth and Lucky were no longer a couple.

While Jason and Elizabeth were dating, she was kidnapped, and the cycle of "we can't see each other, my life is too dangerous" began. Other relationships intervened (Elizabeth with Zander, Lucky again, her marriage to Ric Lansing, Jason with Courtney and Sam).

However, the star-crossed couple found their way back to one another long enough for Jason to father Jake, though he didn't learn that until the MetroCourt crisis. Fearing for the boy's safety from his enemies, Jason allowed Lucky, whom Elizabeth remarried, to be the boy's father.

Attempts to Reconnect

Despite attempts to reconnect, Elizabeth and Jason never could for very long. Jason married Sam, and Elizabeth became involved with Nikolas.

Then Jason was presumed dead. He wasn't. He's back. Due to the facial damage he suffered and consequent reconstruction, his beautiful nurse (Elizabeth) in the hospital didn't recognize him.

Stricken with amnesia, Jake, as he now called himself, did not know Elizabeth either, but he felt an attraction to her, and she to him.

She backed off when "Jake's" wife appeared, courtesy of her ex-husband Ric Lansing, but that was revealed as a hoax.  

Elizabeth continued to build a relationship with the man, not realizing that Jason was so near, yet so far from her.

The Nurses Ball

At the 2015 Nurses Ball, Elizabeth finds out that Ric was responsible for Hayden Barnes, the fake wife, and ended communication with him. She decided that she wanted to be with Jake, but Nikolas told her that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan, so she could not invest in a future with him. Since Nikolas was trying to take over ELQ, and Jason as a Quartermaine owned stock, he had not told anyone.

After finding this out, Elizabeth went on stage with every intention of announcing that Jason was alive but decides against it because she wanted him to herself. They eventually started a real relationship and he proposed, and after some hesitation, she happily accepted.

The Wedding

On the day of their wedding, the truth emerged, and the wedding was called off. However, Elizabeth kept her part in the subterfuge a secret. "Wow, you're Jason?" she said, with complete innocence. She repeatedly begged Jason to go through with the wedding even though he was still married to Sam.

Soon after, Sam realized that Elizabeth was lying and confronted her. She denied everything and allowed Jason to defend her when he walked in on them fighting.

Feeling that something was off, Jason ran after Sam and heard her out.

When he returned to Elizabeth, he confronted her. She attempted to dodge his questions, but she finally admitted the truth. He was furious while Elizabeth continued to make excuses. 

Jason walked out on her, stating that he did love her, but she broke his heart. This effectively ended their relationship/engagement, although she was still wearing the ring, and he didn't say the words "we're over".

She asked Nikolas to come over to her house. There, she told him that Jason was aware of the truth -- that they both knew who he was long before the wedding. 

Confrontations and Advice

Days later, Elizabeth was confronted by Carly, while Franco listened in. He gave her advice, offering to be her an ally. He also convinced her to go to the Nutcracker gala, where she ran into Jason and Sam. She gets drunk and makes a fool of herself.

Later on, she finally removedher engagement ring. A couple of minutes later, fighting with Jason, Nikolas fell off the roof, and she tended to him. It was later noted that Elizabeth saved his life.


Though Sam was engaged to Patrick Drake, they both realized that Jason was her great love. Jason at that point did not have feelings for Sam, but these soon developed.  Again, Elizabeth had lost him.

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